Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mysterious Composer hits the Test Realm

The illustrious Sir Deathshard has posted a really cool YouTube video over on Central. The Mysterious Composer can now be found outside Merle Ambrose's Shack and then out in the large circle of Grizzleheim off to the left of the Spiral Door.

. . . but don't take my word for it, check out the video!

I like how you can click on the Silver Trumpet vines to play the new Wintertusk music. They need to make regular Silver Trumpet Vine do that in your housing! :)

Don't forget to keep checking the clues!

Hint #1 - "I’ve performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!"
Hint #2 - "My natural hair color is brown."
Hint #3 - "My gender is Male."
Hint #4 - "My eyes are not blue."
Hint #5 - "I’ve been on the Tonight Show, the Late Show and Late Night."
Hint #6 - "Some of the songs I’m currently listening to on my iPod are ADELE – Set Fire To The Rain, Fleetwood Mac – As Long As You Follow and Elisa Doolittle - Rollerblades"
Hint #7 - "I’ve been nominated for several awards"
Hint #8 - "You may also know me from TV or the big screen."
Hint #9 - "I’ve done a voice in a video game before."
Hint #10 - "I have siblings."
Hint #11 - ???
Hint #12 - ???
Hint #13 - ???
Hint #14 - ???
Hint #15 - ??? and more...

Happy Dueling!


Paige MoonShade said...

I have a feeling its David Cook

Duncan Daystone said...

Very good. This means I can preview all the music and know if ahead of time if there are any areas in Wintertusk where it is worth turning the music volume up.

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks for the video Friendly xD I have now a better idea of who the Mystery Composer is xD

Paige MoonShade said...

Tom I was listening to the composers music this morning and my Nephew walked by and said That is John Mayer
Go figures even more names are showing up :P

Jack Shadowshade said...

i think maybe it is Justin Timberlake

Anonymous said...

friendly! urgent!! it says here: /wiki/Frost_Hound

that if you hatch TWO ice hounds you get a frost hound!! ( a two headed ice hound)
please please please find out if this is true cause sadly i dont have an ice hound :(

Tadpole said...

I think its Justin Timberlake

Blaze DragonRider said...

I think its justin timberlake too.

Smogger Smasher said...

I dunno, Justin Timberlake's time has kinda passed. Plus he's not really one of the "hottest young musical talents in the entertainment industry" anymore. John Mayer would be interesting, but has he voiced in any video games before? *sigh* So many possibilities!!

Tara Darkgem said...

john mayer doesnt have blue eyes though XD

The Strong Sorcerer said...

Hey friendly, if you are seeing this we've changed our blog name from The Thaumaturge and the Sorcerer to The Balanced Blizzard, Thanks Friendly you rock!

Megawizard said...

I guess Zac Effron or however you spell his name.

Tara Darkgem said...

darn spelling error,
i meant john mayer doesnt have blue eyes TOO not though

Anonymous said...


That was clearly someone who didn't know what they were doing. You do NOT get that pet from hatching two ice hounds, sorry. It was a pet that temporarily replaced the ice hound, but now does not.

Anonymous said...

It totally Justin Timberlake!

Anonymous said...


well excuse me! did YOU even try? besides i wasnt asking you i was asking friendly and SORRY for just being curious and kindly ASKING if someone would hatch and find out! its not my fault i looked it up and found that fansite!

BlushingAngelPie said...

its nick jonas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, BlushingAngelPie is right, it is Nick Jonas.