Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wizard101--on making friends

So I’m running around last night in a burning chamber of fire, and I get a little talkative. I open up my relatively void friend list, and I see there is one gal online that I’ve chatted with before. I say hello and ask her if she needs any help with anything. Unfortunately, it’s met with a “no, I’ve got it handled” comment that seemed a bit unfriendly. (Not the friendly necromancer's speed, yo) I tell her ok . . . look me up if you need any help (my friend list shows me as being 5 levels higher than her; although, I have my suspicions that it isn't updating her level for some reason).


I go about my business of killing these fantastic hulk-looking rock golems when another necromancer joins the fight. I say hi. He says hi. I say, “welcome to the rock smashing party.” He laughs. And suddenly that cosmic goo thing happens where you know you have someone talking to you that gets it.

I of course have no idea how old this fella is, so . . . you know, you have to be wary in this game. Another person joins our party. He says hi to her. I say hi to her and once again welcome her to the rock smashing party. But apparently the goo is not with this third person, and perhaps they can’t hear me because of parental controls being enabled. If that was the case, then my message would simply appear to her as “…”

Keelan (my new companion) and I then continue to quest and chat for the next hour. There’s this wonderful feature in the game where you can insta-port to anyone in your friend list. He runs down to a room that’s further along in the quest chain than I am while I continue to finish off a couple battles, and he asks me to help him dispose of a particularly nasty boss down there. I finish off my battle and run to the library. He tells me that I need fire resists for the fight, so I buy a few fire resistance cards from the librarian, and I insta-port to him for the fight.

We start clearing a bit, and he dies in a fight. He releases and goes back to town, drinks a full health and mana potion and pops right back into the fight. EASY and BRILLIANT.

We end up fighting the boss and it is quite difficult, but we win. And I win because I now have a partner in crime!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, it's hard to make friends in this game. Yes this may be 9 years after this post, but gg for you bro.