Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Week Later

So a week later, I’m level 15 and working on a brand new “world” within the Wizard101 realm. This is Krokotopia! it’s a land of walking, talking lizards and crocodiles. The quest givers who are upright canines with proper English names and who are stranded in the midst of conflict while not wanting to give up their exploration of the area.

How did I come to this land? Why through a magical door in the heart of the tree that dreamt up this world of course!

Why all this trouble? You see, there’s this rogue wizard from the death school of magic named Malistaire that’s causing all kinds of problems. He’s the one responsible for all the mayhem in the main city and it appears his mischief has spread to Krokotopia.

Play in Krokotopia is somewhat similar to before, but I am seeing a lot more cooperation between players now. Now you must fight two monsters at once instead of one. It’s definitely a change of pace and atmosphere. Also, it is not odd to see one, two, or even three people join your battle to help, and it *is* definitely helpful . . . um, except for in one case. You see, if you’ve already killed off one monster and your other monster is on its last legs, and then someone joins your party when you are out of healing cards . . . well, it could get touchy.

I was happy to find that my class has a Taunt card. Imagine that, a taunt card in a kids game! That could be fun! I haven’t found a need to cast it yet, but dang . . . that could be fun!

I also stumbled into my first 4-man (the maximum allowed) instance and promptly died. As soon as I entered the instance, a group of 3 pumpkin-headed scarecrows beat me down (I did take one down with me though hehe.). That could be fun! I wonder how deep it is?

Either way, I’m still having fun with my little game. I can see that the end of leveling is probably only 2 or 3 months away, but they (Kings Isle entertainment) promise more fun (more worlds than the four existing ones) are on the horizon.

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