Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Tuesday and the Temple of Storms

Happy Tuesday everyone. I trust you enjoyed your recess? (That's what KingsIsle terms their server maintenance for Wizard101)

I managed to get some play in early before recess, and I made it into the Temple of Storms on Krokotopia. Good times, and it looks to be an interesting area. One of my first tasks was to set fire to ancient and historically important mummified krok remains. Oh well . . . who needs another Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

Of other important note, KingsIsle had this important note about pricing today:

"Thank you for being a part of Wizard101!

We have some great news! We are introducing Family Pricing to our Wizard101 subscription options later this week. Our new family pricing will reduce the monthly subscription from $9.95/account to $6.95/account.

This opportunity is available to anyone who purchases more than one account.

If you have an existing family account with one or more subscribed child accounts, you should be receiving an email today with further instructions.

See you in Wizard City!"

Fantastic. If I ever decide to spring for another account so my daughter and I can play together, this will be perfect.

See you in Krokotopia!

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