Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day Two

I haven’t been able to get much play in on the computer. It’s kind of funny how the computer has now become something the family has to “take turns” on. /giggle (I can sense a second computer on the horizon).

So day two was fun. I did a number of new quests and have now earned the in-game title “hero of unicorn way,” which is a street within the main city filled with ghosts, skeleton pirates, and evil fairies. There are also a number of houses along this street. Much to my surprise I found Dorothy, Sir Toto, and the Tinman in a couple of them. awesome.

This game uses the “zone” technique like Everquest. It isn’t seamless like LOTRO or World of Warcraft . . . and that’s ok with me. I don’t mind it.

I love how lighthearted this game is, and yet there are a number of facets to the game that are well thought out. They have lore concerning the development of the different schools of magic and how their world came to be. Nothing too complex, but it is lore.

The battle system is a card game where you can’t cast certain spells in your deck until you have the correct number of “pips,” which encourages a diverse deck using a mix of low level and high level cards. yet, it’s not too complicated of a card game, which would confuse my children.

I like the mini-games you play to refill your mana; they’re awesome! It’s like bringing the fun back into MMOs. I really don’t care if it’s silly or not “hardcore.” The original purpose of playing these games was to have fun after all. Right? RIGHT?

Even better . . . everything I’ve done in game so far would be available without subscription fees. It makes me wonder what surprises my daughter and I have yet in store for us beyond the walls of this town now that we’re full paying members.

Of course, after a few months, I’m sure some of the magic of Wizards 101 will be gone for me, but for now . . . for now . . . Thomas Lionblood the level 5 necromancer is happy.


solidus24 said...

Can't agree with you more here about having fun. I don't care who or what hits what, as long as the target gets offed is all that matters, along with the occasional teamwork.

DeathRaven490 said...

lol level 5