Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out of Krokotopia

(not out of africa) RE:the blog title . . . .

My goodness. I truly think I found one of thee most annoying boss fights for a death/myth wizard last night. Not that it was particularly difficult, but rather that it took FOREVER to finish. To make matters worse, her companion buffed her with a guardian shield, which takes 500 points of damage to remove. That was possibly the most annoying thing I’ve confronted to date. I wonder what pet she drops . . . that would be the only way I’d want to solo through that fight ever again.

I am also happy to report that I have taken my first steps into Marleybone! Hooray! With the help of my new best helper buddy Zachary, we took on the Krokopatra and beat her and her guardian down to the ground.

Also to report, I was overjoyed to hear that one of my favorite gamer buddies decided to join me in playing Wizard101 (at least for the free demo). Fantastic! Welcome to the fray Tony . . . I mean Calab. It was nice to revisit the main world and run through a few quests with him while chatting on vent.

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