Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day Four

I finally have a bit of in-game cash, so I bought a unicorn . . . and I was overjoyed when I saw that Bentley was a name option (they only give you a 100 or so names to choose from). Bentley doesn’t do much for me other than look pretty, and I’m ok with that. Bentley is a gorgeous unicorn. I couldn’t be happier with Bentley! haha!

I continue to do quests around town and am now a level 9 necromancer. Only one more level until I open up the next tier of cards and gear. /clap clap Oh that Banshee card looks awesome.

Of other note, I looked down from a ridge today over a river from a fenced edge, and I noticed that there were a large number of players on a little island fighting a Rank 3 boss named “Kraken.” They must certainly know something I don’t know! Is it profitable? Is it fun? Moreover, they for sure know something I don’t know . . . how to get down there to that island. More research may be in order!

Side note: There’s something else I love about this MMO. I can walk away from the computer and let my son (he’s 4) play my character without fear of him dying or whatnot: 1) Because defeat is relatively inconsequential and 2) Because it’s easy enough that he can just grind mobs to his heart’s content . . . I don’t mind the free exp. Go little buddy! Go!

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