Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day Three

Last night’s adventure saw my first defeat in game! This is an easy game, right?

So there’s this tower that a quest giver tells you holds pieces of her homework. You work your way through five levels of the tower killing wooden, clockwork, and iron golems.

It became quite apparent how important it was to end a battle with as much health as possible to set you up for the next battle to come. The game randomly decides who goes first in a battle you see, and if you go into a battle with half life against two opponents, well . . . defeat. So sometimes stretching a battle out just for the purpose of playing a healing card may be to your favor.

My son and I eventually worked our way up to the top of the tower and earned our second in-game title "golem tower champion."

I also noticed something else inside me . . . oh, somewhere in the second hour of play last night and then later in the middle of the night. They were two separate instances, but tied together. So when you cast a spell from your card deck, it gives you a battle animation that’s a bit extended. For instance, I have a card that summons up a ghoul (being a necromancer and all) from a grave (a very cartoony looking ghoul and gravestone mind you). The ghoul sucks life from your opponent, and then spins around and shoots half of that life back into you. I suddenly and almost instantaneously grew tired of watching this animation at one point last night. (My brain mumbles, “/sigh, I wish I could toggle that off, /sigh”.)

Also, around 2 am in the morning, my daughter jumps into my bed and is whimpering because, obviously, after watching an animation over and over, your brain is going to process that in your dreams and haunt you a bit as it tries to dump it out. These little cartoony battle animation sequences got to her last night! How awful! And how awful for me because the plastic part of her curler rolls kept jabbing my face throughout the night and waking me up.

Pro’s aside, con found . . . confound it!

Awww well, hopefully our brains will soon begin to ignore the stuff that it doesn’t need to process as it happens, so we can go back to enjoying the game, which . . . still . . . I find myself wanting to play even though I find myself at work. Doing adult things. Like reading documents. Like not playing Wizard101.

*editor note: since the time of writing this post, I haven't had any more problems with my daughter having nightmares from the game. They went away. I think it may have just been that initial excitement.*

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Heather Emeraldflame said...

"So sometimes stretching a battle out just for the purpose of playing a healing card may be to your favor."

Another person from your future here...
I must say how true those words are and notice that you do repeat them at later times in your blog. This is something that after now having so many wizards myself and now trying to coach my mother through the game, that I am trying to teach her as we near Fushiko's(sp? MS as well as trying to prepare her for what is to come in DS since she never really has had to think on conserving health quite so much yet. Though, I am proud to say she made it through Golem Tower just fine the first time(but that's cause I'm an awesome instructor ;-) ) As Storm I sure got killed doing that place(the first time)...with my low health(honestly 400 or so is just too low...and I had no idea about crown gear at the time,) but then I really learned how to shield and conserve very well, very quickly too!

On a side note...don't ya just dig that Necromancer gear they give you for the clothing quest in WC?...That hat = horrible! xD
I was so happy when I got rid of my hat when I ran my first Necro. I'm sure you were too!