Monday, August 8, 2011

Wysteria's Wand Displays

I was playing through Wysteria tonight with Myrna (earned my Spiral Cup :)) and noticed that Wysteria has three different types of ways to display wands and staves.

The first is the more traditional method found back in Wizard City: Wands on a rack.

The second method is to place them all on a long table . . .

The third method is in these really awesome shadow boxes:

We've asked for a way to hang our weapons in our housing before, but seeing all these alternate methods made me think perhaps it's time to bring it up again. I continue to collect wands and staves, and it would be super dooper awesome if I could put those in my housing and get them out of my bank and bags. You know what I mean?

I think I prefer the shadow box method for looks. Those are awesome! Although for space conservation purposes, perhaps a simple weapon rack would be best.

Which is your favorite?

Speaking of wands, did you happen to notice the pip giving wand you can get at 20th level from the "Let's Dance" quest in Wysteria?

Add another to my collection! That's a cool new beast right there. Before this, you weren't seeing a pip giving wand outside of the crowns shop until Marleybone. Nice! That wand is definitely a reason to side step from Krokotopia to Wysteria.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm not bad with the house display thing. I haven't been on test since a week because i couldn't see the boss :( :( SOOO i am waiting for it like most people.

Nice! ;)

Diary of a Necromancer said...

No, matter HOW many times I try I just can't log into the Test Realm due to "too many players" :-/ but from my perspective I really like the shadow boxes :-D

M.W.S said...

That's pretty cool to be honest. :)

Duncan Daystone said...

In one of the shadow boxes you can see Malistaire's staff.

Andrew WaterBringer said...

With the shadow boxes it looked like they were displaying the winners of the Spiral Cup's wands, which would be cool to have! Otherwise it sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

oooh i like your ice wizard! shes pretty

Stingite said...

@anon1: Awww, you should try again!

@Richard: shadow boxes +1

@MWS: yeah, which style was your favorite?

@Duncan: I so want that staff!

@Andrew: good point!

@anon2: yeah, I let my wife and daughter dress her up. I play her because she's quiet with only a few friends. Makes taking screen shots a lot easier when you don't have people porting in to you all the time. :) Plus, she's awesome.