Saturday, August 13, 2011

Petnome Rocks! Samoorai DONE! Pet of the Day!

You know, I love the people who love Petnome. The same day the new Samoorai pet came out on August 11, those crazy peoples just went BAM BAM BAM! SWAT! BOOF! And there it was, a completed Petnome.

Way to go, Petnome! That pet definitely looks to be a life wizard's best friend with the innate Unicorn spell PLUS two chances at other healing cards . . . and wow, with Super Hurry and Big Hurry, that could be a pretty dangerous Derby pet as well. Nice Pedigree as well.

Definitely worthy of pet of the day!

Gimme some sugar!

KingsIsle still needs to come out with some alternate way of leveling our pets. Jus' sayin'.

Happy Dueling!


Malorn Ghostrider said...

The derby skills aren't bad, but I don't really like it's other talents. It could be pretty useful if you're life. Oh, and did you hear about the new houses on test realm? There's a wizard's watchtower, and a sunken palace!

taliesinharps said...

OMG! im on the Friendly blog :D
ok squeeage is over, my only concern is that how often HG and MG pop up. I wish KI would make those 2 talents rare (2pip) instead of Ultra Rare (3 pip) talents

Morgrim Trollfriend said...

Idea for pet training:
What if they had a set of pet games in each world that were based on games that would be played a festival of some sort in that area. Rather than it just being a game where it has a world as a background, it would be an entirely different game setup. And with each world you would be able to get more points. Ex. In Krok you can get 5/6 points instead of 4. (You can add your own ideas onto this :D ) You would still have the derby only in Wizard City though.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Thanks for the shoutout on Petnome, Tom!!! I have a shout-out to our awesome community out there for their support and hard work as well!