Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New plot opportunities from Pigswick?

We're all very familiar with Diego from the Dueling Diego mini-game from both inside Wizard101 and at KIFreeGames.com, right? Right! We've even talked a bit about Roberto and Franchesca here on this blog before.

At Pigswick in Wysteria there is another Duelmaster we are introduced to--one who appears to be a rival of Diego's. His name is Benedict Glendemming!

Awesome unicornman there, right? To be expected, I like Benedict's style. As with all Pigswick NPCs, he also shares the air of disrespect for Wizard City and specifically Diego. It is a civil rivalry though . . . no malice, just contempt.

It all makes me wonder about Diego's true nemesis, Roberto. At one time we were searching for clues to who would be the "new Malistaire" after his defeat in Dragonspyre. Roberto's name came up from the fans as an option, but that was only because we really had no clues to make us think of Morganthe (Some would argue Merle's name is similar to Merlin from the King Arthur legend, whose nemesis was Morgan le fay). Unfortunately we haven't even seen a hint of the Morganthe story in the past two adventure areas.

Given the dimension of "Pigswick" as an alternative school of magic in The Spiral's lore, the sheer existence of that school makes one think of other possible schools in The Spiral. Likewise, it isn't too big of a stretch to wonder if Roberto could be the duelmaster for an evil school of magic where Morganthe is the headmistress . . . and perhaps this is why we were introduced to the lore of Pigswick now. Probably not, but I think the possibility exists.

It also makes me wonder if the second chapter to Pigswick could be one where Morganthe's evil school of magic strikes down upon Pigswick with all its fury, insulted they weren't invited to the magic duel competition? And what of Franchesca? Could she be a duelmaster for a school similiar to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic? Again, probably not, but it is something to think about.


ANYWAY, the point of this post is simply to point out that Pigswick adds a lot of thickness to the overall plot of Wizard101.

For a few, it seems that the existence of Pigswick may be a sore spot . . . Uber wife ran into a guy on the Test Realm that was pretty upset Wizard101 would "copy" Harry Potter's competitions from The Goblet of Fire. I would agree that the likeness is there, but I also think there's potential for much more to be added to the original story of Wizard101 because Pigswick has been introduced to us.

What do you think?

Happy dueling!


M.W.S said...

Awesome post.

I think Pigswick is an awful name for a academy. I would love to hear Diego talk about Benedict (their history, Diego is a true guy, wouldn't trash talk, but look at his foe).

Would be cool right if our wizards could attend BOTH academies! Or switch (ex: Fusionfall - their guides).

We could start the beginning of the game choosing Pigswick/Ravenwood and you could learn those spells from different places. (In other words you can choose from a academy of good/evil and different school symbols which would be awesome).

I think Morganthe should start her own. Like you, I believe Wizard101 is on to something.

Just add in another academy like Slytherin (or 2 more in this case): good/bad even though the alliance between ours and Pigswicks.

If your a comics fan this kinda reminds me of the different Lantern Corps and the War of Light).

Nicholas LionRider said...

Roberto could be a evil duel master for an evil school, that I think your 100% right about. Although I don't believe Morganthe would be the headmistress. She could maybe, if they had an orginal evil school that was taken over by her. Too many worlds Pigswick brought into our minds. The Fairy world, Moo Shu having a school and more.

Rokk said...

I never noticed the connection between Morganthe and Morgan le fay, but I do remember seeing something about Ambrose's rivalry with Morganthe and when you face her in Celestia she does mention him. The relationship between Ambrose and Malistaire was like a "Dumbldore-Voldemort" rivalry but I think this with Morganthe will be different. Also there are three new world names in Wysteria, there's Weirwood which is has a quest based around it, there's Mirage which is just mentioned once, and Empyria which is mention in passing, one of the supplies for the spell to destroy the goblin portal, came from Empyria.

Johnist said...

Perhaps it is also a predecessor to the addition of Racial selection in Wizard Creation, along with a Permanent Transformation (that we have been asking for (Barber Shop)) in the form of a Magic Mirror to let us change our appearance much the same way that Eloise stitches clothes.

Anonymous said...

Weirwood is in Avalon. Well it's a part of it