Monday, August 1, 2011

New Stuff and Stuff

So the huge news that broke yesterday wasn't that I discovered my Beckett's Fun Online Games mag in the mail, no no no. The HUGE news yesterday was the teaser found in the Ravenwood Bulletin for August 2011.
"We've got some really exciting news coming up for you this month young Wizards, but I can't say too much yet or it'll spoil the surprise. Just know that there will be some new challenges for Wizards who are level 25 and up, and a brand new challenge for Wizards who thought Waterworks was difficult! Watch for more information coming very, very soon!"

What do you think it will be?

No theory-crafting from me, but I'm more than happy to hear what you all think it's going to be. :)

The second huge piece of news from the Ravenwood Bulletin was that has amped their loot table a second time in the past couple of months!
"We've listened to your feedback on the rewards at KIFreeGames and have removed transformations and mount rentals from the list of items you can win. We have added Seeds, better Snacks, different Pets, Permanent Mounts, new Housing Items, Booster Packs, better Elixirs and more items - but the best part is, you have a very rare chance at actually earning Crowns! That's right young Wizards, Crowns."
CROWNS!? /feint

I think it was Alric Ravensinger who logged on to Wizard101 last night and said something to me like, " is more addicting than gambling!" LOL. It's funny, people used to ask me why I always had a little gift icon down in the bottom left hand corner of my screen in all my screenshots. Didn't I want to redeem my gifts? Pffft, it was a huge overflow from all the prizes I was winning from the Wizardblox app, but that was back when the prizes weren't all that good and KIfreegames hadn't really caught on fire yet. I'm imagining quite a few of you are now suffering from the gift icon syndrome more than just me and the other iPhone/iPod peeps. :)

Happy dueling!


Allan Nightstone said...

Here is my Theory:

LVL 25: It could be a quest in Grizzlehiem or Crab Allay ...

LVL 60: More And Stronger bad guy in Waterworks or some where in the Spiral ... I say the health would be 50,000 O, o

Friendly don't you think Malistaire needed to be the hardest and a cheating boss :?

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Hah! And Heather Raven commented on Twitter that there should be a "kill/delete gift icon."

How about a redemption plan? Trade in 20 7-day mounts for another 7-day mount; or trade in 20 Bushy Palm Trees for a straw hut!

Heroic Pyromancer said...

Hmm...aside from better KI goodies, I'm already thinking of the thing harder Waterworks, which will most likely be either the second Briskbreeze in KT or a new pre-quest for a new world. We're all giddy and excited for whatever it is to arrive! What do you think Friendly, even though you said, "no theory crafting,"? Lol. I'm kinda stumped on the challenge for 25 and up. It should be quite easy for those low levels. -Thunderblade

Necrospector said...

My theory is they are going to finally open up Barkingham palace. it kinda just sits there for no one.

or they could have one of the many many many many many doors/caves/openings that are currently not used in game to be opened in to a new challange

The Sorcerer said...

I totally agree with you Friendly, I have the gift circle syndrome, and now since I have about 60 pages of gifts, not to brag or anything, mainly due to 30 of them being 7-day mount rentals and/or transformations.
Where was I going with this?
Ah well,

Wolf S.

Happy Rug Bugging!

Evan Shadow said...

Wysteria!!!!!! It's awesome with some cheating bosses, and Tower of the Helephant. Earlier today when I was on Test testing Wysteria, I saw AMBER! yay! Now I'm friends with her :-) and on Live too. I had to communicate through a friend since I dont have text chat. Well, read my blog or Central 4 more details.

Tara Darkgem said...

O: PERMANENT MOUNTS? CROWNS? NEW PETS? i must go to kifreegames now its a NECESSITY! glad you are posting again friendly :D

Anonymous said...

sorry to be the killjoy, i was sad when i heard the news, ki free on gives you 50-100 crowns and you get a 2% chance to get them