Monday, December 3, 2012

A plan!

So uber wife and I have been on a hiatus from Wizard101 play for a while. I've been playing a lot of Diablo III and Pirate101 (even made a quick pitstop over at Dinostorm now that it's opened its doors), and Uber Wife has been being an uber wife. Nanamancer is staying with us here in Texas over the holidays, and let's just say that's kind of prohibitive to playing Wizard101.

Anyway! We now have . . . A PLAN! Plans are good. The plan was to get started in Azteca together, so this morning I spent a little time playing and catching up to where her character is, which isn't very far in, but it was still a bit farther than where I had left off.

She let me in on a little secret that you have to finish the first quest against these three-horned crazies before the Zeke quest opened up for you. So, that's what I did this morning.

I have my PvP deck loaded, and I'm noticing that it's not a bad deck for Azteca. These mobs don't seem like easy farming whatsoever. The first rounds are spent much like you would in a PvP match, i.e., defensively.

I'm used to playing this way anyway since Angus has forced me into that mode from day one. But these Crazed Thunder Horns are casting as many as four damage spells in a row out of the gate. Without some good resists, I could see how soloing Azteca could be a bit painful if you're not ready for it. There's at least one thread that debates it. From reading that thread it sounds like Alto Alto is going to be a blast! I'm not one to look away from a challenge. and with Uber Wife by my side, it's sure to be an awesome time!

Looks like Zeke will be having us hunting down UFO's this time. Perhaps this comet is just Too Hot to Handle, so they've shown up.

(Yeesh . . . I don't know about hot, but he certainly looks too sweaty to handle.)

Happy Dueling

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