Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Metzi Burning Water vs The Friendlies

Remember that whole, A PLAN! post back a couple posts? Yeah, SO . . . uber wife and I finally get some time to play together over my lunch break last week, and a lunch break apparently equals like four fights and two quests. :)

As we were playing she says to me, "want me to take screenshots?" I'm thinking, "YES, DEFINITELY!" I mean, I gotta talk about the awesome Azteca while I'm playing through it, right?

Come to find out, she took a total of two screenshots.

1- My damage

2- Her damage

LOL! Uber wife's super crit gear spec'd Storm Wizzie is a thing of beauty. I think I've figured out my job here . . . buff her character and ride the wave of Tempest every few rounds. ;)

We again played yesterday during my lunch break at work and this time we did a short little instance where you run up against Metzi Burning Water, which is a Rank 12 Storm Boss with a good amount of health. We again had no difficulty downing this boss, but we ran into a bug that makes it so only one player gets credit for completing the instance. I hadn't heard of this, and I turned to my co-worker Professor Greyrose and was like, "ugh, bug." She looked back at me and said, "um, it's fixed on Test Realm!" LOL. That seems to be the standard answer for those Community Manager types. ;) Definitely karma.

So, I'll be completing this instance again. No worries, with Bailey by my side, things are defeated quickly and the company is great!

Storm wizzies ftw!

Happy Dueling!

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Emily C. said...

I'm glad you and your wife were able to down this boss so easily. The dungeon will not let in players who are not up to the dungeon so I had to do it alone. I am storm (I also have 5 other wizards from level 60 to 75). I have great critical, I have have pretty good health (2950), tons of great TC cards to add damage and give me health. I DIED 14 TIMES. I can't beat it. Mind you I have mostly soloed every world before this, I was a War Lord before they put everyone back to zero and I've been an adult player since 2009. So why am I failing so much? The fact that you can't even get someone in there with you is a HUGE PROBLEM unless they are at that's quest's level. This is very different from Avalon. I was so frustrated last night that I thought of never playing this game again. 14 times DEAD. I've heard of complaints about this world but I was able to kill off Thunder Horn Zombies and the Moon Skull Zombies with little difficulty. Everyone said it's the ending part that is the worst. If I can't solo even the first boss, then what the heck. Can you solo this boss. Let me know. Then please talk to KI