Monday, December 24, 2012

Ugly Sweater Contest Winners!

BEHOLD! Many have entered and . . . well . . . it was a hard contest to judge, but our family finally decided on three tiers of winners that truly take the fruit cake when it comes to ugly Christmas attire!

Thank you everyone for entering the TFN Wizard101 Ugly Sweater Contest and thanks to KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes! All of these winners received a free bundle and a bunch of crowns! Congratulations! You have mastered the art of Ugly Wizard101 Christmas attire.



Tatiana Shadowflame

Ok. So. You said ugly? That's harsh. Poor little elf Tatiana Shadowflame, only wanted to ride Santa's sleigh, but he said if the children woke, she would scare them. She has been called ugly her whole life. She tries to dye her gear red and green, but it doesn't make her any more Christmas like, due to the fact you cant dye all of it. Her feet, poor thing, were pure phoenix bred (marvelous avenging boots) bright yellow and she cant hide them. No dye at all. That face, (sweet kiss of death mask) so horrific, and not even good stats. That's what she gets for being born post waterworks gear. She tries with the robe (High chaos guarded armor), but it still doesn't work, because her waterworks predecessors stomp all over her. She fell into a deep depression. Santa, kind soul he is, came up with a scheme for those bad little children. Tatiana could ride his sleigh, and visit the naughty children to place coal in there stockings instead of treats. If they woke, the sight of her would traumatize them enough to behave the next year. She finally was able to ride Santa's sleigh and feel a contributing part of the elf community and Tatiana finally earned her candy cane staff, and snowman pet. Even if he was a grumpy snowman.


Victoria Thunderheart

Looking . . . dashing . . . in her Greenwarden's Energetic Mask, Santa Robe, Delectable Hooves, and a Sweet Staff.


Jason Ashstone

Sporting a designer robe - the Flowering Mantle, with matching hat - Proactive Cowl and alluring pair of shoes - Blazing Boots. To complete the ensemble, Jason is holding a delicate Candle Wand, courtesy of Lord Nightshade, and is accompanied by his equally dashing (through the snow) and charming Evil Snowman, Otis.


Madison IceGem

Santa contacted me to let me know that Rudolph was going to need some extra help this year, so of course I volunteered. I have on my Wrath of the Wild hat to fit in with the rest of the reindeer group. It is colored bright red so that I can match Rudolph's nose. I also have on my Whispering Raiment robe or what I like to call the "Michelin Man Attire." It is inflatable and filled with helium, just in case I fall from the night sky it will bounce me back up. Then I have on my comfy teddy bear slippers, the Beastmaster's Footwraps, to keep me warm during that freezing Christmas Eve journey. And last but not least I equipped my Mint Staff, which doubles as a lollipop so that I can have a sweet treat during my trip.


Lauren Storm

Yup, she's having a blue blue Christmas in her Silent Nightcap, Wildranger Coat, Oyoroi Sandals, Candle Wand, and topping it off with a Wintery Elf pet. Yikes.



Edward Lifegem

Edward is wearing a Yuletide gift from a boss in Celestia, a thunder cloud cloak, it arrived in Red and Green for the holidays. He is wearing the Santa Hat and Santa Boots to try to make it look better! Edwards Reaction: I love it??! I think its a little big though. x shrugs x I guess its good if its cold! Then again.. Who knows.


Tasha Pearl

What I am wearing this Christmas in Wizard101 is a violet hood of bitter truth lvl 70(hat), Santa robe, royal slippers (stitched to boots of esprit), mint staff(stitched to sword of kinds life), and baby snowball pet.


Cody SunDreamer

My ugly outfit consists of a hat I won from a Hoard Pack, a Mooshu robe that I had to beat up the Jade Oni for, and the good ol' Santa Boots. Everyone laughs at me when they see me with my outfit, but my mom still compliments me! (I think)


Tabitha Darksword

My hat is the grinning death mask (to always have a smile of good Christmas cheer), and to stay in the Christmas spirit I am wearing the Santa robe. My shoes are the marvelous avenging boots in case I run into some snow to keep my feet nice and dry. I have my snowball pet who at the moment looks a little scared of me lol. And to finish it out I have my handy dandy mint staff. Never know when I will need a snack.


Jacob Raingem aka The Dark Diviner

His outfit consists of the silent night cap, rockin' outfit, krok sandals (can't remember the name), a pillar of ice staff, and his storm helephant pet.




It is an ugly combination of colors and patterns, and looks horrible with this cheesy Christmas display. I paired a holiday themed bonnet with a red and green checkered sweater (with faux fur) and skirt, along with elf shoes. Enjoy!...Or turn away in disgust.


Robert Winterbreeze

My ugly sweatshirt turned into an ugly dress, a design made for men so they could dress to impress. My feet are covered in the skin of a pig, with the claws that extend outward. The crown upon my head says one thing - I'm definitely not the king of anything. All I know is that when I head to the movies I'm going to get complaints from those who can't see over my amazing hat. Of course, where would we be without my chicken head wand? It definitely scared the entire coop when I trudged into my castle with this frightening scepter. Duke Kitty isn't scared of the wand, though. He floats in the air with his tiny pair of wings, looking almost...clueless.


Scarlet Winterwielder

Wearing a red Canvas Cover, the Tunic of Broken Spear (green with gold trim and a red sash) with a matching pair of Frostborn Sidhe Boots (yellow with red accent). Scarlet is wielding a Nutcracker Wand. And with her is Bandit, her one and only Christmas Elf pet.


James DragonCatcher

This outfit is like the Christmas grim reaper. It the Darkwraith's Atonement Cowl, Santa Robe and the Hallowe'en Shoes with the candle wand and Christmas elf X:



This is what Grandmother Raven gave me for Christmas. Oh gee what am I going to do, I can't be seen in this get-up, what was she thinking! The beard of the hat does not even fit my face, the robe light green (it's not even blue), Grandmotherrrrrrrr, why oh why would you do this to me. But I got to say I'm loving the look of my elf boots, they're the bomb. But it is the season to be jolly so along with my reindeer looking Ivory Shenlong Dragon we will sing you a song and wish all a very Merry Christmas!


Thank you all for participating! Truly truly we have some horrible holiday combinations here, but it's not hard to tell that you all are celebrating yuletide in your very own Wizard101 style!

Happy holidays and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Happy dueling!

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