Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

For many party go'ers over the holidays, Christmas joy is manifested in one of the most horrifically snuggly pieces of wonder known as the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Check out this number that comes from Rustyzipper.com's collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

EEK! Ugly and epic! That's the true spirit of an ugly Christmas sweater!

This contest pays homage to the Ugly Christmas Sweater because with Wizard101's hundreds of clothing options, it is absolutely possible to come up with a magnificently gaudy Christmas combination all your own! Behold!

That's Thomas showing off his Santa Hat, Faerie Court Steel Leaf Robe, Mysterious Jade Boots, Ice Elf pet, and Sweet Staff. Whew . . . ugly and epic!

So let's see what ugly and epic Yuletide combinations you can throw together yourself! To enter, please send an email to thefriendlynecromancer@gmail.com by 20 December 2012 with the following:

1- Your Wizard Name
2- A screenshot of your character wearing the ugliest Wizard101 Christmas costume you can throw together. (Remember, it's gotta look at least a little Christmas'y!)
3- A description of your ugly outfit.

* No group photos please
* Only one entry per person
* If you're under 13, please get Mom and Dad's permission and assistance.

We've got a lot of fantastic prizes to give away including random Wizard101 Bundles and Crowns, so get out there and get creative!

We'll be choosing our top pics on 21-22 December and posting up our winners before Christmas Day! We'll also be raffling off a few random winners as well, so don't worry if your outfit is just so-so . . . everyone has a chance to win!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

What happened to The Friendly Witchdoctor?

Anonymous said...

^ Been meaning to ask that for awhile now...

MEGALUS said...

Same here.