Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friendly Lunchbreak Azteca Adventures!

That's right . . . we're getting this new Azteca world done one lunchbreak at a time!

So, here's my thoughts so far . . . Morganthe has been in Azteca causing all kinds of evil mischief. MISCHIEF MAKER! It seems as though Morganthe's subtle ways of causing grief the past few expansions are no more as the Aztecasaurs know exactly who's trolling them! Tsk tsk Morganthe. She's seems to be a bolder and more sinister Morganthe to me. Anyone else with me on that? In fact, the story seems to have taken more of a darker Dragonspyre-esque turn in my mind, and it now feels more like Morganthe is truly an equal to Malistaire's bad self. I like how I'm one step behind Morganthe, and in heavy pursuit!

Anyway, Morganthe's plot so far has been to raid the Pyramid of the Black Sun. Yup, Morganthe got all grungy and Soundgarden Black Hole Sun on us. Why? I think I know why . . . but let's just say there are a lot of undead running around in Azteca!

But it hasn't been all darkness, doom and dispair. The world itself is very lush and we also ran into this trickster, who totally made us take a bath to wash off the grunge we've had on us since Firecat Alley.


OH! And I ran into another bug . . . that I'm sure is fixed on the test realm . . . so I'll be completing that quest to defeat Skurkis Screaming Moon all over again probably this afternoon. Not a big deal as the conversations I have with Uber Wife while we play are top notch! Example:

OF OTHER NEWS! Yes, the 12 Days of The Spiral are again in full swing, and I hope everyone is enjoying all the coolness around that! :)

What did you guys think about the Yuletide Pack? I ended up with a couple cool pets (not the lump of coal pet mind you) and some great holiday housing decorations. Anybody get the Treant mount? I'm hungry for that. :)

That's all the time I've got for today!

Happy dueling!


Katherine Light said...

Alright, I can admit that I LOL'ed at the conversation with UberWife. That is... so completely like my life right now, lol. Isn't toilet training FUN?

Louis Belasco said...

Why would you love when your son poops his pants at school?

Stingite said...


Alexander da Coolest said...

Actually, I DO have the Winter Treant, after spending all my crowns, I finally got it. And that was 16K!

Anonymous said...

i laughed at the comment you made

now its like part of your work knows
as well because you know
chat logs XD

Louis Belasco said...

The son that pooped his pants at school was Diapermancer, wasn't it?