Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Wildfire Treant

Oo! I'm digging into the new content this week and finding a really "wild" spell coming out of Avalon:

Wildfire Treant

Look at that amazing smush of effects on this card!

1- It's an all enemies attack.
2- It does direct damage
3- It does damage over time
4- It steals a charm

That's one crazy awesome spell. I'm not one to pvp much, but this thing looks to do it all in one . . . one spell to break fire shields and steal a charm from all opponents. NICE. Well, it's nice on paper at least. I don't know if it's still enough for anyone to swap out their life mastery amulet. Yup, it's only available from the Stolid Squire's Circlet neck item that you can buy and sell at the bazaar or obtain from completing the Great Wild Wood quest in Avalon.

Unfortunately for my regular spell card screenshot suppliers there's also a level 72 requirement to wear that Stolid Squire's Circlet, but we still have a number of cool screenshots to go along with this week's Spell of the Week. Check 'em out (click on them to enlarge):

Thomas Ghostblade:

Isaac Mistheart:


Austin Swifthorn:

Seth SpriteShade:


Charles Stormsword:

Matthew Emeraldfist:


He adds, "FELL THE BURN!"

HAHA! That's funny because it's "fell" like felling a tree and "fell the burn" instead of "feel the burn" LOL . . . well at least I thought it was funny. ;)

Sierra Mist:

(yes . . . yes . . . Sierra was feeling spammy again *facepalm* ;))


Alexander Dragontamer:

Alexander wanted to remind everyone: "Don’t forget about the field spell Wyldfire, which can help boost your Wildfire Treant."


Thanks everyone for these great pictures!

Happy dueling


Sierra Starsong said...

All Enemies? (#1) Odd, it doesn't mention that on the card.

Austin Swifthorn said...

In the bottom right of the picture it displays the Area of Effect symbol, showing that it does attack all enemies. But yes, usually it is written in the text as well.

Anonymous said...

I know you are busy with your new job (congrats!), but I was wondering if you would continue this when you have more time?