Friday, May 4, 2012

Ding Level 72!

Thomas continues his quest through Avalon, and when quests are dumping out 10k-20k experience per quest, the leveling goes by fast! Dinging Level 72 means I get to equip this cool bow I got from a fight with Chagan Nosebiter.

I actually think I like the Winter's Whispering Axe better because of all the crit block, but this is still a pretty decent drop AND it's a bow. :) Bows are super fun.

Chagan Nosebiter terrifies me btw.

He was going to peck me to death with his nose and then share me as a snack with his evil Pantera kitty. O.O That's ok, during the fight I was feelng a bit peckish myself and drained him of 5192 life, which pretty much put my hunger pains to an end.

You know what's great about that screenshot? I'm hanging with Iridian Legend, uber wife's balance wizard! It was so much fun to play by her side a bit this morning. :)

The road to level 72 has been full of restoring shrines and ranking up through the royal legions of Avalon. I've made peace between all manner of animals, found lost family members, cleared out troublemakers, and was even treated to a head nod to Monty Python's Holy Grail. ;)

Avalon is the perfect world for Holy Grail references. ;)

It's been fun leveling up again! A big part of the fun when a world is new like this are just all the new faces you run into along the way. I had a great time grouping with a Life wizzy named Angela Dreamcatcher last night. It's also cool to see old familiar names flash across my screen as well. You all experiencing that too? Awesome.

Happy Dueling


Sierra Starsong said...

Y'know, you could always stitch that really cool Ice axe's stats & cards into the new bow and get the best of both. (Nice chatting with you in-game last night!)

Heather Raven said...

Brave, brave Sir Robin, he bravely ran away.

MEGALUS said...

I'm afraid of how boring W101 will become here on out now that the mystery of Ambrose's origins are being cleared up. We are running out of questions to be answered in the storyline! I feel as if the real game itself ended in a certain tower with a huge eye staring at you and a ghostly couple reunited. This whole Morganthe thing makes me think that KI is just grasping at straws.

Megaman3234 said...

lol young morganthe was so hard! she kept stunning me with woolly mammoth.