Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy Busy Busy! (Yarr Pirates!)

YO! Does it feel like it's been forever since I've posted?! It has! I'm sorry about that.

It's been crazy busy here, but I think I'm finally starting to see glimpses of what our new life is going to be like. I've closed on our house, got the keys to our mailbox, and I'm starting to really get settled in here in Texas. Uber wife and the kids are all back in Utah still, and I'm missing them all desperately. Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to learn the ropes at KingsIsle and get the wheels turning on this new, awesome Pirate101 community that's already taking birth on the Net.

Pirate101 Central is churning away and starting to gain speed (you may have seen me post once in a while under the name "One-Eyed Jack." That's me!) Siren's Call has a nice blogroll started for Pirate101, and that's been invaluable as well. Pieces of Eight has had their first podcast already and is headed toward a second one next week. Keep up the good work!

As far as my play time in Wizard101 . . . well . . . I've basically fallen off the map. SORRY! I still want to finish up Avalon and max out my character. Life just got a little crazy. hehe. I don't even have Internet at my new house yet. O.O (Staying just a touch late here at work to reap the benefits of company-supplied Internet connection.)

Working at KingsIsle is awesome. It's wild how I can walk past a row of computers here and see things take birth. There's so many things going on here all the time that are jaw-dropping! I've heard names of new worlds! GASP! The epic amount of information and the speed that it's all hitting me is a little overwhelming in fact. You fans are in store for some cool stuff. :)

Now that my life has settled down a bit, you may see me posting a bit more again. I'll try to get back with it better.

BTW, did you all see the PC Gamer article or the Massively article that featured interviews with me? Those were fun to do! (Did I mention that I've been busy?)

Thanks again to everyone for your support. It means a lot.

Happy Dueling!


TheDrakeFlame said...

So I guess you're enjoying the job? ;) I'm just so happy for you!
For a while, I actually thought you forgot about this blog, haha.
Enjoy yourself!

Katherine Light said...

I didn't realize uber-wife and the kids were still back in Utah, that's got to be difficult for you. Here's hoping she and the kids can join you at the new place soon and you'll all be settled in quickly.



It must be fun to know stuff that know one else know ;) Welcome to Texas :D

The Friendly Necromancer Rocks!!

Johnny said...

Was hoping you would continue to write on your blog. :) I'm happy that you are adjusting well, and I wish you and your family the best of luck in your new adventures.

AutumnalDusk said...

Ah, Friendly, we do miss you so!

It's kind of a bittersweet thing, really, kinda like a "Well, at least we know he went on to a better place..." (Yeah, I know that sounds funerary- sue me. ;P

Conversely, though, you're our Ultimate "Mission Impossible" Agent, hanging by a thread over the KI servers. We can patiently wait for you to get your bearings, and you *know* you always have us in the W101/P101 communities to see you as "Friendly first, CM second", (when it's *appropriate* to do so.) "Lecture with your 'Boss voice', but laugh with your 'Family voice'."

In the military, there is a rank structure known as "Warrant Officer", which is generally a long-serving enlisted man getting Officer-quality duties and privileges. Warrant officers always get *honest* respect, because it's based on "Where they've been", not "What their rank is".

That is what you will forever be to us. The ultimate proof that KingsIsle truly embraces, and cares about, it's community.
Blog or not, we're here for you, as one.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Tara Darkgem said...

You're gonna make Pirate101 alot more fun with ur awesomesauce ideas :)
Don't disappoint me friendalee!!

Joshua Lionbane said...

i'm probably the only one that doesnt like pirate101......because i dont want to pay for a whole other game, and i have sunk enough money into w101, and theres obviously no way to transfer the crowns that i spent there into p101, anyways; i'm one person you wont see playing p101 i guess, I'm still happy for you though

flash333 said...

@joshua, I believe you'll still have the same amount of crowns on pirate101 as you do on wizard101, so no need to worry about that. I would at least give the game a chance first before making any accusasions on it (allot of people are doing this already).

Anyway, I'm glad that your getting used to your new life. I hope you can still be able to balance work at ki and post here, but only time will tell.

P.S. I'm flash33 over on p101c.

Anonymous said...

I thought you forgot your blog. Anyways WEBA!!! :P

destiny iceflame said...

@joshua ki already said that all crown currency will work universality to both games
meaning if ya log on with example
account A and account A has 1000 crowns and ya use account A to log on to wizard/pirate 101 the ammount will be the same no matter which account ya log on

pretty much its like your wizards are now pirates as well but they had to leave all there stuff at ravenwood when going to the pirate side of the spiral but the stuff is just waiting at the ravenwood school of magical arts
but they can take crowns with them to buy new deluxe content but the pirates there wont take the forien
gold with wizard101 on one side
but instead only accept the gold from pirate101 with the pirate on one side
while crowns are a coin that is universal to the spiral
i hope that didnt confuse you

Anonymous said...

I wish you calming the things and sure to be allowed to reveal the world names soon :D We at UK servers are very happy for you :))

Joshua Lionbane said...

what i meant was, u know how we all already bought and spent crowns? (for example i bought a ton of areas and now have 0 crowns) would those crowns transfer to p101? (the crowns spent before p101 was released. even if so, i really wont have time cuz of Wow, but at least i guess i would have a game i could play at any time

destiny iceflame said...

friendly i am your biggest fan t o and also i got a question

do you think ki will let you play at work
ya know like going around looking all casual then when ya see a law breaker in the spiral you go full ki necromancer and reveal the ki support badge right as ya step in front of the law breaker
and watch the panic rise outta the lawbreaker as he tries to beg for mercy

wow i wish i was your friend cause then i would have a bodyguard ( sry its true but we could still be friends)