Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thomas Lionblood Steps Into Avalon!

Yes! Avalon is live! Unfortunately I didn't have much time to play through Avalon when it was on the test realm, but that's ok. It's live now, and I'm ready to rock! Everything I've heard about Avalon from people on my friends list and on Central has been good news, so I'm excited! I'm also excited to be leveling Thomas again! Here's a great screenshot from this morning's playtime:

Yes! That is a dragon casting a dragon on me and my dragon. EPIC! If only I had been in a draconian transformation! That particular boss is named Caoranach The Fire-Spitter. I had to look that up to see if I could learn something about that name. As it turns out the name Caoranach comes from Irish Folklore. As it also turns out Caoranach is not to be confused with Coronach, which is THE SONG OF DEATH . . . which is what I was singing to Caoranach as I froze his fire spells with my pasty white skin, something like that.

So far my quest has been epic! I feel like I'm just beginning a great journey into Avalon . . . land of square trees! Is it just me or do you feel like jumping from tree top to tree top like you're Mario when you see those trees? Or maybe that you've come upon a minecraft easter egg? Those goblins are kind of like mini-creepers, right? ;)

Honestly I can't wait to keep going on in Avalon and experiencing all this new world has to offer. Now all I need to do is convince Uber Wife to come along for the journey. :) The kids have been capitalizing a bit on her computer time lately.

How's your play time in Avalon been going my wizzie buddies? I know some of you have probably already beat it in a day! uber. I wish I had more time to play. Tell me about your journeys! :)

Happy dueling!


Megaman3234 said...

you're still in test realm?

Stingite said...

Nope, I'm talking about playing in the live realm. Sorry for the confusion. Maybe I need to go back and reword that a bit in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

its awesome!! i love the music at the wild

Anonymous said...

Avalon looks awesomer. Dragon bosses finally! They are epic looking not like some dragon wannabes I've seen and they didn't just copy the Fire Dragon spell. DRAGONS ROCK! ~ Kestrel Dragonflame

Dakota said...

Friendly do you actually play Minecraft??? You should come on my friend's server sometime! The IP is at if you wanna come.

Evan Liontamer said...

You play Minecraft?!? Suddenly I realize you are the best blogger ever.