Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ding 74 and Solo'd the Jabberwock

Hoorah! Ding 74!

It's been a super active two levels in Avalon. I've met with Cassie the most ultimate awesome ponycorn EVER!

She threw down the mass prism spell for me. That's ponycorn-rific! I'll be sure to use that next time I'm facing off against multiple death enemies like . . . hmmmm . . . Malistaire and his three spectres? /shrug Just the fact that it was Cassie the ultimate awesome ponycorn that gave me that spell means that I will cast it whenever I can. :)

I also picked up some bad juju from fighting Hrefna Nightfeather at the direction of my favorite new owl buddy Fionna Yellowknife. Check this out:

Pfffft . . . Uber wife and her Djinni debuff . . . pfffft. The coolest part about fighting Hrefna was her awesome natural attack move. She goes to the center of the battlecircle, hovers up all ghosty like, and then puts the blue strands of death out of her chest LIKE A BOSS!

I want that attack! Give to me, KI! :)

Avalon's Bosses are reminding me of Dragonspyre bosses, only without the exhausting tower mechanic. I really like these fights. In essence, there's a slew of cool boss fights that feature the initial power pip madness of Zafaria coupled with the mega hit points (and then some) of Dragonspyre bosses. Stacking blades and traps is back in a big way for me! I'm loving it. :)

And then they throw the the evil Jabberwock at you.

Just look at that thing. Crazy town. I fought him a few times until I was able to get it through my thick skull how I needed to both attack and stack my deck before I was able to solo him. If I had been paying better attention to the quest text, I probably would have realized that Friar Nolan had TOLD me that the Dark Knight was going to tell me how to defeat the Jabberwock and then likewise I would have actually paid attention when the Dark Knight was spouting the good information. :) LOL reading.

I only discovered these clues as I was going back through my screenshots and realized that . . . oh . . . that actually meant something. It wasn't just fancy talk. Right! I probably could have gone and refreshed my memory on Central too (I know there are many great guides there), but you know . . . I like to minimize the spoilers when I can.

To those extents, please feel free to skip the rest of the post where I talk about how I soloed Jabberwock (bye non-spoiler people! happy dueling!)

Ok, so The Jabberwock fight goes in rounds of three. On the third round Jabberwock sends out a horrible meteor strike that pounds you for 1,500 or so damage and all while you're still being pummeled with all the fury of a full row of power pips from both the Jabberwock and his storm minion buddy. It tends to deplete the health, yo. Jabberwock's powerful attack also leaves him vulnerable with a MASSIVE +200% trap, but only on the third round--on the fourth round that trap gets popped and doesn't come back until the sixth round . . . and so on. Also, if you have any traps on Jabberwock, that +200% trap? Yeah that goes away with all of your traps you cast on him, so don't cast traps on Jabberwock.

I kept track of the spells I used on my fight, so I could share them here with you

Round 1-3: Death Blade, Dragon Blade, Vampire (on Jabberwock)
Round 4-6: Vengence, Empower, Dr. Von's (on Jabberwock)
Round 7-9: Empower, Fireshield, Deathblade
Round 10-12: Dr. Von's (on Elemental), Death Blade, Vampire (on Jabberwock)
Round 13-15: Deathblade, Tower Shield (TC), Gargantuan Vampire (on Jabberwock) *FIZZLE*
Round 16-18: Garg'd Scarecrow *CRIT* (Killed Elemental Minion woot), Fire Shield, Empower
Round 19-21: Tower Shield (TC), Vengence, Gargantuan Vampire
Round 22-24: Tower Shiled (TC), Fireshield, Colossal Vampire
Round 25-27: Deathblade, Fireshield, Scarecrow
Round 28-30: Tower Shield (TC), Tower Shield (TC), Colossal Vampire (Killed Jabberwock)

There's a few things you can probably see happening by looking at that.

1- Try to attack every third round and use that trap against Jabberwock -- as a death wizzy, this will heal you up quickly.
2- Shielding damage is your friend . . . especially that attack that happens at the beginning of the third round.
3- Go for the elemental minion if your attack fizzles or if your cards aren't showing any attacks on the third round. The faster you can put Jabberwock's buddy down, the better, but it's more important to use the +200% trap on Jabberwock when it comes up for Life Draining.


How to solo this as any other class? I'm not sure, but I'd suggest buying yourself the best set of fire resist gear, pack a lot of fire shield and heals, and wear a spritely pet. Good luck! Be sure to check the comments to this post. Whenever I post a strategy, it never fails that I've missed a facet of the fight or that a reader has a great comment to add. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to suggest strategy and help you out.

Happy dueling!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!

The Hilarious Thaumaturge said...

Do I smell an Easter Egg? Remember in Alice and Wonderland where she has to fight that dragon, the JABBERWOCKy???
;) Congrats btw!

L. R. Jonté said...

So wait, Bad Juju damages you for 300 points and then reduces the damage of your next outgoing spell by 90%?

What? O_o;

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

There have already been a few easter eggs from this world discovered on central.

"I used to be a wizard like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee..."

Stingite said...

@L.R.: hehe, I thought that the first time I saw it too. Luckily that -90% goes on the opponent, not you. ;)