Saturday, March 7, 2009

Google Searches Answered!

So, I added a little counter down there at the bottom of the page yesterday. It's that sword looking graphic with a number on it. It's one of those free counters from Bravenet. Anyway, that counter lets me see how people are getting to my page through this interesting feature called, "Referrers / Recent Visitors"

From this I get to see how the last ten people reached my website. Was it a direct hit or did someone find me through a google search?

I've decided to check this every once in a while to see if I can improve and help people find the questions they are hunting for. Today we have three google searches to answer for people.

1- How do I get to Krokotopia

To get to Krokotopia, the second world in the spiral, you need to first complete a good number of quests in Wizard City . . . pretty much every quest from the following zones: The Commons, Ravenwood, Unicorn Way, Olde Town, Shopping District, Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, the Dark Cave, the Haunted Cave, and the Golem Tower. Colossus Boulevard and Nightside are pretty much optional.

Basically just keep following all the quests until you receive a spiral key for Krokotopia. Once you get that key, you're going to need to go inside Bartleby, that big tree in the middle of Ravenwood . . . that's right, inside him. Inside him you'll find a doorway. Approach that door, press X, select Krokotopia, and then click the "go to world" button.

Now, if you just want to go check out Krokotopia early, you can do that . . . but only if you have a friend on your friend's list that you can port to while they are in Krokotopia. If you don't have the key to the Krokotopia spiral door, you're not going to be able to do any quests though . . . but you could check out a few of the shops and Zeke's stuff.

Also, it's going to cost you real money to get there. The free game ends on Triton Avenue. You'll either have to subscribe to the game or buy the area with crowns, which cost money (or you could possibly win them in a contest or get them if you refer a friend to the game and they subscribe). More information can be found on the Wizard 101 page about billing.

2- Jade Oni Battle

If you're looking for video footage of a Jade Oni Battle, a quick search on youtube yields these results.

If you're looking for information, well, let's see. The Jade Oni is the final Helephant boss in the Moo Shu world (the fourth world in the spiral). The Jade Oni has around 7,500 hitpoints and is a Rank 10 life wizard. Aside from crown clothes, you'll find the best Ice Caster and Myth caster hats, the best Life and Fire caster robes, and the best Death caster shoes in his loot table. You'll also find a nice storm sword/wand and a cool neclace with one card of hydra.

The fight really isn't that tough. Youkai, the imp boss in The Tree of Life zone, is in fact a harder fight. Youkai casts more death shields than the Jade Oni and has 500 more hitpoints. Youkai also comes with an additional guard whereas the Jade Oni is all by himself.

Defeating the Jade Oni will give you the title "Oni Slayer."

3- Wizard 101 Dragonspyre (not Dragonspire or Dragon spire) Loot Drops

The best location for this information is on Wizard 101 central. You should go look at this thread right here. There's a handy table there and everything. You'll want to sign up to Wizard 101 central while you're at it. I may even say hi to you in the welcome forums! ;-)

. . .

So there you go. Hopefully I can help with those gosh darn google searches that come up with strikes.

Happy Dueling!


Michael said...

Great post. And speaking of wizard 101 central, I have a question about it. Whenever I want to post or something, it says my account does not have sufficient options to post or it sometimes won't let me view things that people attach to their post.

I hope you can answer!


stingite said...

I will try to do that Michael! Stay tuned!

Michael said...

Thanks a lot friendly!