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Google Search Answers 8 March 2009

Behold! You have searched and I shall try to answer!

1- wizard 101 what class to go with necromancer (aka secondary class for a necromancer)

There are a lot of opinions on this. One that you must check out is from Tipa in this wonderful entry she made on her blog. To summarize her post:

1- Don't choose your secondary school based on its damage output, you'll be better served casting from your own class.
2- Choose your secondary class based on the non-damage cards they give you.
3- three considerations
a- Balance damage can't be blocked
b- Fire Elf is the most efficient damage spell in the game.
c- AoE's are a plus (look to myth, fire, ice for secondary)

And now I will add my two cents to Tipa's:

4- Choose a secondary that blends well with your friend's class.
5- If soloing, don't choose a secondary . . . just choose cards from the hidden vendors that will help you the most.

Let me explain, I think you should choose a secondary that blends well with the friend you think you'll be playing the most with . . . to a point. I run a Life/Storm and a Storm/Ice combo on the side. Storm has TONS of traps on it's secondary. This is such a great help to the storm primary. On the other hand, it's not worth it to buy stormzilla, but darkwind rocks. Think in your mind, how can I help my friend output some serious damage. I also invested in the crown clothes robe that has tempest on it, for my life wizard. Tempest is BY FAR the best (or most versatile) AOE in the game, it can do both low and high damage (low to take out shields, high to wreak havoc) but for a secondary it's a locked card . . . so the only thing to do is buy the crown clothes or have the storm primary make me a bunch of treasure cards. So far having a tempest spell on either player has had outstanding results. Now, I two box, so this works well for me. Your friend may decide not to play the game anymore, in that case, you may want to consider finding a new friend in game with the same class or invest in a second account. ;-)

As for my second point, if you're going to be soloing, I think storm's a bad choice . . . all those cards and no one to help them with. If you're going to be soloing, stick to picking from the hidden trainers throughout the game and not really focusing on a secondary class . . . and if you have left over training points, save 'em for when they release the new classes. ;-)

That's my advice as of 8 March 2009 . . . take it or leave it.

2- wizard 101 temple of storm wiki

Ok, the Temple of Storms is the third "branch" of Krokotopia. The first is the Pyramid of the Sun, the second is the Krokosphinx, and the third is what you want . . . the Temple of Storms.

You have to finish all the quests in all zones inside the Pyramid of the Sun and the Krokosphinx to get to the Temple of Storms.

Once you are to the temple of storms, how do you get in? Simple, you run around the edge of the circle and click on the three towers that have a beetle printed on them. Then you need to wait a bit while the big kroko-head rises out of the sand. And then you have to wait a few seconds for it to become active . . . then run on through.

The first thing you'll want to do upon getting to the temple of storms is truck around behind the kroko-head and get your beetle. The second thing you'll want to do is run inside the temple (aka, the Well of Spirits). You'll see two quest givers right at the entrance. The third thing you'll want to do is run behind that giant krok statue to get your other beetle.

After that, you'll just follow the quests from both quest givers. This will eventually lead you to a spiral key to Marleybone and you can get out of the desert.

Unfortunately, neither wikia or the Wizard 101 wiki (as of 8 March 2009) have information on the Temple of Storms. Perhaps you can help them by keeping track of all the quests you do! I can only give you general information at this time.

The mandatory zones that you will visit inside the Temple of Storms are as follows:

1- Anhnic Family Tomb
2- Dejeserit Family Tomb
3- Karanahn Barracks
4- Temple of Storms

Also note that there is a mander NPC named Mah'rek who gives you a quest to enter the tomb of the beguiler. This is an instance much like Nightside in wizard city, and can be skipped, but I think you should grab a friend and check it out anyway. It's not too terribly tough . . . elites here have around 620 health and will come three at a time if you're solo. Bosses are around 2,500-3,000 hit points (rank 4 or 5 flavor if I remember right) Bring some lightning shield cards for the first and fourth level, fire shield cards for the second level, and ice shield cards for the third level. It'll help. Hint: pay attention to the tapestries on the walls, they give clues to opening doors.

Temple of Storms is pretty awesome. You get to play out a feud between two competing royal krokotopian ghost families and end up being the hero. Krokopatra rocks the purple lipstick as well . . . have fun with that.

Happy Dueling!

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