Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Google Search Answers 17 March 2008

Once again, you have searched and I will try my best to answer. Today's episode of Wizard 101 Google Search answers will try to answer the following:

1- Remove Wizard 101 *gasp*
2- Where to get the storm bat for a pet
3- Wizard 101 pets
4- Wizard City Boss Drops

How do you remove Wizard 101?


Two ways that I know of . . . First way: Go to the control panel, click the add or remove programs icon. Wait for the list to populate, and then scroll down to Wizard101 (hint . . . scroll down to the bottom . . . you know . . . because it starts with a "W.") Click on that and the "Remove" button in the bottom right corner of the big blue row that popped up.

Second way: Unless you installed this game in a really strange location, you'll want to surf to the following directory on your hard drive:

C:/Program Files/Kingsisle Entertainment/Wizard101/

in that folder you should find a shortcut icon called "Uninstall Wizard101." Click that puppy and forget this whole wizard mess.

Go ahead. Leave. Sure I'll miss you, but you've got better things to do with your time . . . like play World of Warcraft or something. Whatever. Traitors.

Where do I get the storm bat pet?

Why in the world would you want a flappy thing like that? So irritating. Ok, ok . . . I'm insanely jealous of Tara's flappy. She flaunts it whenever she can.

so jealous of that bat.

Ok, you want to know? You're not going to like the answer . . .

In Moo Shu, you go to the Shiritaki Temple (that's the Plague Oni instance, yo), when you get there . . . kill stuff for 45 minutes or so until you get to the Great Water Spirit, AKA Wavebringer. Kill it. Cross fingers. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.

If you get a flappy, post here . . . seriously . . . it'll just make me more determined to get one of my own. (I'm hoping)

Wizard 101 pets

Oh sure! Don't just stop your searching at the Lightning Bat pet. You want to know ALLLLL the cool pets you can get for your collection. Word. I'm totally with you on that quest.

Thee most comprehensive list is found over on Wizard 101 Central: click me!

And if you just want a checklist of sorts, I've gone ahaed and plagerized the names from that list here for you (current as of 17 March 2009 . . . I don't gaurantee that I'll be updating this. Best to just go to the central link above)

Limited Edition pets
Black Cat
Friendly Dragon
Jack Frost
Jade Oni
Pioneer Dragon
Santa's Little Helper
Storm Hound
Valentine Pig

Vendor pets
Blood Bat
Death Leprechaun
Earth Walker
Fire Cat
Lava Spider
Lava Spider ver. 2
Brown Spider
Goat Monk
Ninja Pig
Jade Oni
Storm Hound

Dropped Pets
Spider Golem
Blue Ghost
Yellow Ghost
Green Ghost
Fire Salamander
Clockwork Golem
Black Spider
Drips O' Slimey (Blood Bat)
Greater Imp
Dire Ghoul
Grumpy Snowman
Storm Salamander
Melty Jack (Evil Snowman)
Osiris Papyrus (Krokotillian)
Pixie 1 (Healing Fairy)
Rat Magician (White Rat)
Inferno Cat
Snow Serpent 1 (Serpent)
Snow Serpent 2 (Serpent)
Sprite (Light Fairy)
Dark Fairy
Storm Bat
Sunbird 1 (Sunbird)
Treant (Tree)
Troll 1 (Troll)
Troll 2 (Troll)

Gift pets
Lucky O'Shanahan
Orthrus (Two-headed dog)

Good luck on your quest for the biggest, best pet collection ever!

Wizard City Boss Drops

aha! Ok, right . . . this information is a little hard to come by at the central and on the other forums because . . . well, there's little interest in this information since THE DROPS ARE ALL TRASH ANYWAY. But, YOU, YOU, the dedicated "free to play" and small time crowns player have a burning desire within you to know what's the best you can wear from the bosses in Wizard City. Am I right? Well, whatever your motives, I'm going to point you in the right direction.

Here's your list of bosses in Wizard City and links to wikia!:

Lady BlackHope
Rattle Bones
Fairy Queen


Eyus Maximus
General Akilles


Melweena Smite
Bastilla Gravewind
Alicane Swiftarrow

Seargent Skullsplitter
Harvest Lord

Lord Nightshade

Baron Greebly
The Great Troll

Prince Gobblestone

Baron Rotunda


Hope that helps, kids!

Thanks for tuning in to another "Google Search Answers" brought to you by the letters Y and R and U and "still reading this."

Happy Dueling!


Cheyenne said...

Lol, I feel the same way. I want that bat so much. Thing is, my friends know. So if they have one, they flaunt it whenever I'm around. Drives me insane sometimes. But, I just might farm for it. Lol

stingite said...

We need to hook up for a photo shoot, shy!