Sunday, March 15, 2009

Earning Crowns outside of Wizard101

Over on the main Wizard 101 boards, there is a thread in the Ravenwood Commons forum where Professor Greywood asks this:

Beyond the Invite a Friend program, we were wondering:

What other ways would players would like to earn Crowns outside of the game?

I'm not going to give you any examples, I want to see what ideas our fans may have about how you would want to earn Crowns outside of Wizard101.

You can post your ideas here, or if you do not have access to the message boards you can email your suggestions directly to

See you in Wizard City!

There's a lot of good suggestions in that thread, from surveys, to fan fiction, to youtube videos, to comics, to real-life scavenger huts.

So, I thought I'd give my two cents over here.

It might be kind of cool to tie in the crown gift with an in game title as well. You know how you have merit badges in boy scouts and girl scouts, right? You know, for all those accomplishments you do? By the way, why the freak are the girl scout badges so much cooler looking than the boy scout badges?

Look at that thing . . . so much more awesome looking than this scout badge for athletics

Anyway, aesthetics aside, there are at least around 100 merit badges between both . . . right? Probably more. (Stay with me here.) What if Kingsisle chose a "badge" every month/quarter and asked people to submit their entries on a contest around a theme and where people had to fulfill the requirements they put forth to earn the badge and crowns. Those lists could be a good starting point to pick and choose from. Obviously Kingsisle wouldn't want to tie themselves to any organization like the boy scouts or girl scouts, but they could examine thier badge lists for ideas. I think there's enough fuel in the idea to keep them going with this program for a long time.

So for each subject, have people answer a set of questions about the topic at hand (this would require some study). They must also submit an essay on the subject matter based on the guidelines that you put forth.

Here's just a few from the boy scout side:

American Business - In game badge could be "The Boss." Quiz and an essay on what kind of business you would start.

American Cultures - In game badge could be "The Melting Pot." Quiz and an essay on the variety of cultures in America.

American Heritage - "The Yankee Doodle", etc.

American Labor - "the Blue Collar Bastion"

Animal Science - "Zoo Land Savior"

Archaeology - "Bone Daddy"

Archery - "Honorary Fire Elf"

Architecture - "Wizard City Planner"

Art - "Tenuered Artisan"

Astronomy - "Star Gazer"

Athletics - "Muscles Master"

Auto Mechanics - "Vroom Vroom Vroom"

Aviation - "Balloon Car Driver" or "Mr. Personality"

And those are just the A's! ;-)

Although the crowns earned would be awesome, the in game title would be a big draw for adults as well.

(insert pregnant pause here)

So, what do you think, reader?

Happy Dueling!


Cheyenne said...

That's an interesting idea. Although I dont think I'll be doing that. I'm not young enough to be a girl scout lol

Oh, the girl scout badges do look cooler lol

stingite said...

haha! HEY! I missed a lot of badges back then that I know more about now. ;-) Might be kind of fun to try it. eh? eh?

You're young at heart though, Cheyenne!

Anonymous said...

Hm... 1000 hp? The goal is to make 1000 hp with a new character within the week. But what about storm?

Cheyenne said...

Haha, always young at heart Friendly. Always ")

Anonymous said...

how about a lucky draw the first three character names picked get crowns as a prize everyone else get expiriance points

Anonymous said...

you should make it so if you and your team wins at the arena you get a few crowns each time.Or make a daily thing where you get 100 crowns each day.

harley bowles said...

We should complete offers to earn crowns so we can do what we wan with them