Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A blog about wood grain in Roblox . . . I love life

(continuing along with the #OneWeekDailyBlogging challenge from Emy . . .)

Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog that was linked to by the former Creative Director of Roblox, John Shedletsky.

My jaw dropped.

A blog . . . about wood grain . . . in Roblox?  Sure enough, I followed the links and visited the site, and this is a real thing! I present to you, Wood Reviewer Roblox.

Now now . . . it may seem incredulous at first I admit, but before you simply push Wood Reviewer Roblox into the meta-joke categorization of having blogs on the Internet about very esoteric topics, like odd QR code placement, Awkward Stock photos, and old people posting on Facebook . . . KNOW THIS!

He's serious, and I love it.

I've written about Roblox before and my youngest son right now plays this game a whole heck of a lot. He loves Roblox with a passion, and we've spent more money on Roblox for him than I'm willing to admit. In other words, I'm writing this as being someone highly invested in the product of Roblox.

  1. My son doesn't care about wood grain direction in Roblox . . .
  2. Probably 99 percent of the people who play Roblox don't care about the wood grain direction in Roblox . . .
  3. . . . but Wood Reviewer is invested like a Dev, and I dig that.  These are the types of details that artists at video game companies are passionate about, and in a game like Roblox where people of all ages are learning to build worlds and think like Devs . . . YES . . . this topic is exactly what's needed.

I took it to an Internet search and found a great thread about Wood Reviewer on Reddit . . . what is up with the wood grain memes?  I, for one, hardheartedly agree with poster IWantGoreinPF: "ssshh... WoodReviewer is our hero... that we don't need. Let us praise his efforts"

I raise my morning glass of water to you, Wood Reviewer! I shall never look at Wood Texture the same in Roblox.  Job well done.

Now . . . dear reader . . . ask yourself this question . . . if you were to write an entire esoteric blog about something that bugs you in a video game, what would it be?

Happy Dueling!


Anne Radcliffe said...

'writing an an entire esoteric blog about something that bugs you in a video game' -- oh, easy! That would be the names of items of clothing in Wizard 101 do not match up to descriptions (the name of 'sandals', for instance, may be given to boots... or even hats!) That sometimes happens in Pirate101, but not as often. Pirate101 clothes are great. You know I want to have a whole esoteric blog site on Pirate101 clothes and their historical models!(maybe this summer I can finally get my fan blog together... neither you nor I should hold our breaths, but this summer has promise...)

Stingite said...

haha! I love it, Anne! I won't hold my breath, but I love the topic. :)

AlvinBLOX said...

Genius! I can't help but stop laughing at his pet peeves on his blog.