Friday, April 15, 2011

Roblox Meets Wizard101: Wizard School

The other day one of Amber and Kyle's friends came over to play, and he just could not stop going on and on about Roblox. The end result was that my kids once again delved into yet another website to eek every last drop of fun out of it.

That's right, ROBLOX. I was quite surprised to be honest. I had looked up Roblox before since somehow I ended up following John Shedletsky, one of their lead creative designers, on Twitter. The characters will remind you A LOT of Lego's (although not related to the Lego Company). There's nothing too graphically outstanding here, but nevertheless, it's online -- it's free -- it's making money -- and people are hanging out here having fun.

You should go check Roblox out yourself if you haven't already! I'm late to the party since this site has been around for a few years. (Go ahead, laugh at me people who know all about Roblox ;-))

I guess what I had failed to put together about Roblox was that at its core, it's a really awesome builder game. I'm a fan of those anyway, and especially Little Big Planet. You may or may not remember my weak attempt to build a Wizard101 crossover game in LBP. yeah, that pretty much bombed, but HEY, it was a blast to make :).

Being the Wizard101 fan that I am, my mind instantly went to the spiral when I started surfing around Roblox and especially after my kids and I were rocking out all the Pokemon games builders had made. (So many future video game designers there ;-))

"Hmmmmmm," Friendly says to himself, "I wonder if there are any Wizard101 games made?" Oh yeah, there's like five pages of Wizard101 related things on Roblox, not to worry. There's a lot to explore there if you're a Wizard101 fan. Most are . . . meh . . . good, creative, I like it, really cool to see the fan creativity . . . but the one that really stuck out to me was not in that particular search on "Wizard101."

My daughter this morning found a Roblox world named "Wizard School," and I ended up playing this for a couple of hours with my daughter's character. hehe.

Props to Shadow580 for creating a really nice Wizard101/Roblox crossover level that simulates the Wizard City experience. A lot of nice thought went into this level, and you can tell Roblox players also like it based on the 5,500+ favorites it's received and the 111,000+ visits.

Check it out! Shadow580 has even simulated zoning into different areas of Wizard City like Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue, and Golem Court. Awesome!

(hehe. Yeah, don't ask about Amber's fashion sense on her avatar . . . I can't explain it.)

I was also quite happy to see that Triton Avenue even had a Kraken Pad on a lower level that you had to use a teleporter to get to! (I highly doubt you'll see this Kraken pad as crowded as the Real Kraken Pad since this Kraken here is TOUGH--he stomped on me a few times. XD)

You can just tell that Shadow580 loves Wizard101 when you play this level and that there has been a lot of hard work put into it. There's even a little bit of lore dialog to be had here!

And yes, you can even find Dworgyn hidden under a waterfall . . . although his spells are a little different than what you might expect.

Yup, I played a necromancer in Wizard School! That's just how I roll. :)

By the end of my play time I had made eighth level and gathered enough gold to buy all my spells and I was a lego-ish monster of DEATH POWA (in a tank top and shorts no less)!

I won't talk too much about how I eventually got bored and started hunting down other players . . . now there's something you can't do in Wizard101. ;-)

Anyway, simulating Wizard101 in Roblox must have been extremely challenging, and of course, it's not the same experience at all, but I think that's why I like it. Two thumbs up from the Friendly Necromancer, Amber, and Kyle!

Thanks again for the fun this morning Shadow580! My kids and I love your level!

Happy Dueling!


Jack Winterhorn said...

now i'm mad that my mom decided that there were "fake" bugs on roblox when really all the bugs came from runescape

-abaw7, abaw series(abaw0-10) on roblox

Anonymous said...

a place that is based off of w101? and it has a PK system? awesome!


That game really looks fun! i think i am going to try it. Thanks for the cool game, friendly!


Liam said...

Duuuuuuude it's not nice to have random people kill you before you learn how to talk to people.

It happaned to me.

Anonymous said...

Omg I love playing Roblox, that's why I wanted to introduce it to you but since you found it, well I insist you knew it

AutumnalDusk said...

Laugh at you? Gee, thanks for the offer, Friendly!

"Ha,ha-ha,ha! You didn't know about Roblox, ha, ha!"

Um, wait, what's Roblox, again?
>.< Doh!

The creative talent that touches the Spir@l never ceases to amaze me, and how it's W101's influence extends far beyond the servers of KI. Now *that* is saying something about your product!

PyromancerJonathan said...

I've been playing roblox for 3 years lol. It's so fun!

Liam said...

oopsie i sounded a bit sharp

Anonymous said...

the lag of roblox kills me before someone else does o;

citychaser said...

i played wizard101 and roblox first.
In wizard school (roblox) they did't
make myth! I'm a level 30 myth in wizard101

Anonymous said...

why don't KI let us trade the cards we make anymore? it was better when we could trade them.... easier to pvp, actually makes lvling up worth it...

Anonymous said...

Wizard101 itself is a great game, but the forums are absolutely trashed.

The Heroic Pyromancer said...

You play Roblox??
I play Roblox,too! I recently bought apprentice wizard hat. It's pretty sweet! SYITS!-Thunderblade

flash333 said...

I tried it out, and it was pretty interesting.
I chose fire because my main school is fire of course, and made it to level 7.
I got to check out kt which was interesting.
Word of advice: don't fight the mini-boss and wraith in kt, because you will lose.
The 3 things I didn't like were as follows.
1. if you try to go to another school besides your main school, you instantly die (e.g. if your ice, and try to go into the storm school, you die instantly).
2. if you end up dieing, you get sent back to wc, even if your in kt, which is a major annoyance (you also lose any quest items you had which is a major pain).
3. some of the monster's are really cheap like the banshee and bridge giant. Unless you have a good plan, you'll most likely die after killing them (at least with the banshee you will).
Other than that, it's a pretty nice feature in roblox.

JacoMadness said...

I play roblox. It's alright. Except when you have all these crazy clans going after each other. Friendly, in roblox, people can go a little overboard with the whole clan system.

People build up there clans with people by lieing to them. This one guy now owns the biggest clan cause he had a hotel game, linked to the clan..

Roblox is OK. It's nice to see crossover games like that.