Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ranked Derby -- What to do with the growing black hole?

Yesterday over Twitter I moaned that it'd be great if all teen-pet knight-ranked derby racers would please log on and join derby. ;p Bailey asked me to zoom up her teen pet the last few points she needed for Pet Captain yesterday, which I did.

Yay! Baby Cassie was rockin' the teen-pet circuit. It took a bit to get there, but luckily on a busy Saturday morning there were at least four other like-minded speed racers.

The population in Derby is a real problem, as others have noted. It's true. I kind of made a rough diagram of where I feel you'll find the most races (this isn't actual data or anything . . . just what I've experienced).

It'd be interesting to get some actual statistics from KI on this (if that's possible). Anyway, that black hole in the middle tends to grow and shrink based on time of day and week, and I imagine it will slowly grow bigger and bigger as derby gets older and older (then again, fresh blood continues to pour into the game). I also think it will continue to be a growing problem for KingsIsle and its players . . . unless . . . INTERVENTION! (was going to link to a video called World of Warcraft Intervention, but a questionable word or two in the video prohibits me ;))

My fixes would be as follows:

1- More derby awards. I mean, these pets are great, but really?

Really? That's all we get? No cool car-related housing items? No trophies? No special speed-boost potions you can use during derby? No special mounts? It just seems like a lot of lost opportunity here.

2- Player intervention . . . something like ranked derby parties. Attach the word "party" to anything and get it widely publicized, and you'll be sure to get at least a handful of new players.

3- Balancing of skills. Debuffs should be harsher . . . they just can't compete with the power of the "hurry" skills.

4- ??? - What are your suggestions and insights?

Like I also Twittered yesterday, I don't think I could get to Pet Warlord anymore if I were to try for it today. There just aren't enough matches to go around like there were back when derby was brand new. "Good luck" is all I can say for aspiring Pet Warlords.

Happy Dueling!


Katherine Light said...

I think they need better awards as well, not just in the arena shop, but as far as tickets go. I don't want to wait 25 minutes for a match, play for a few laps come in second place and get TWO tickets for my trouble. Were the payout more reasonable I would do more pet derby in a heartbeat, but as it is it's just not worth the time or effort.

The Fabulous K said...

Totally agree with your post! Also more tickets would be a big draw.

Sierra Starsong said...

Take a lesson from PVP and do a score reset. Keep your current badges if you've got 'em, but everybody starts over fresh so everybody's got an equal chance of ranking up.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Maybe they could add practice tracks into houses, like they did with PvP!

benjamin Nightfist said...

I think KI should revamp the pet area with more games, then it will bring back more players
or bring a cool pet as a reward that will become a fad

Jose Seashield said...

I fully agree. I really like my pets and the derby, but the rewards aren't great and getting only a couple tickets (if any) each time is not very encouraging. The wait per race is also disheartening. I'd love to be able to do races with just one or two other people. I think that would speed things up. At this rate I'm never going to rank up.

Pegasus7 said...

I am holding a party for pet derby where you can win things from the crowns shop in one month since I won't be here for a month. Can you please, (if you don't mind,of course) publicize this event? Full details on my blog,

The Strong Sorcerer said...

Hi Friendly. Sean Dragonflame here. I'm from the blog The Balanced Blizzard (formerly known as the Thaumaturge and the Sorcerer). The link to our blog no longer works, so I was wondering if you could renew it with are new web address.

Firezilla said...

I would love it if they added a pet arena in Krok, that way there could be more games, and for subscribers only!

Suri Blueflower said...

I know this most likely sounds stupid, but, what IS Baby Cassie?

Edward Lifegem said...

@suri I think its a pet.

I like your post! I agree that they do need more awards for that. Knowing kingsisle, they might add something new in the future. Hopefully more pets? Or trophies like pvp :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I just made a post on my blog (that no one reads) that it would be awesome to have some type of Pet Party! LOL

Anonymous said...

post PLEEEZE!!! its been 4 days since you last posted!!!! there is so much to post about!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YOU WONT POST!!!! why????

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

how about like you can ask someone to hatch or be your friend, you can invite someone to a derby match.

Stingite said...

@Katherine: agreed!

@Fabulous: more tickets would be nice. Otherwise you have to just do a lot of regular pvp.

@Sierra: I'd be ok with that.

@kestrel: And if they do that, allow ranked derby . . . not just practice derby . . . in your house.

@benjamin: Yeah, more games would be cool, but incentive to derby is what I'm really looking for here.

@Jose: Agreed.

@pegasus: derby party? Sounds fun!

@Strong: got you all patched up.

@Firezilla: New pet arena in Krok is genius! GENIUS! You win best suggestion, sir.

@Suri: Fierce Hound!

@Edward: Yup, thanks! trophies would be cool.

@shadow: :)

@anonx2: I post all the time! (just not always here) for more.

@benjamin Dragonsword: invite someone to rank derby is interesting. nice!