Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ravenwood Radio 45 Tonight!

That's right, it's Ravenwood Radio 45 tonight, with . . . me . . . as a guest host filling in for Fallon. :) She has a previous engagement this evening, and Mr. Spiritcaller was so kind as to invite my special brand of insanity along for the ride.

I apologize for his mistake in advance. ;p

That all starts at 6:30 pm Pacific, 7:30 pm Mountain, 8:30 pm Central, and 9:30 pm Eastern. See you all there!

I've looked through the show notes and there should be a few fun topics. One that I see needs to be added would be the addition of all these new housing items in the crown shop that can be purchased for gold!

Theater Masks!!! I definitely need that one. :) *DRAMA*

Happy dueling!


Heroic Pyromancer said...

YES!!Finally! I can now at last spend my gold on something that I actually need! Thank you KI!! Those are some awesome furniture that I want my hands to get on lol.

Tara Deathblade said...

Hi friendly :), this is kinda off topic...but i've been trying to get by bone dragon because i hit lvl 58, but i can't even kill the boss to get the drake bones :( (the 1st one), any suggestions on how to beat him? The boss is death, i think he has 12k hp and his minion, also death, has 2k. I'm reeally bad at soloing, but i can't bring friends. Please help me!

~Tara Deathblade

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

hey friendly, one, you need to get the nightmare pet! definitely close to death unicorn. Plus, if you can, tell Stephen that the storm beetle is on sixth tier of the new kifreegames!

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

omg the great muddah statue is so PUNY!! so tiny!! very very tiny!! not so much of a GREAT statue!! my pet is bigger than it!! i spent my gold on a lawn gnome. its really cool though if it would just be bigger dont you agree friendly?

Duncan Daystone said...

haha they should put your head in the actual Ravenwood Radio header. that's hilarious.

Matthew Stormshade said...

hey friendly, good post, as usual you are the front runner on news! i got a question for you though, how did you make that slideshow or whatever it is as a title? its really cool and i would like one! i hope you don't mind if i copied you!

Stingite said...

@Heroic: IKR! Items you can buy for gold are awesomeness. :)

@Tara: A prism'd wraith and a fire elemental polymorph with a fully charged heckhound and some minion support did the trick for me. :)

@Benjamin: I can't remember if I have a nightmare or not . . . I think Bailey does. *Shrug* You're right though . . . that's the closest I think we'll get.

@Ashley: haha! That's too bad it's so small. :(

@Duncan: :)

@Matthew: yeah, that's fine. It was a little tricky to do on blogspot. The image itself is just an animated .gif file, but to get it to animate, I had to load it to some separate webspace and link it.

Tor Hershman said...


Joshua Lionbane said...

leather pants

Jacob Raingem said...

Hi Friendly! I was thinking about starting a blog with my storm wiz. But I can't seem to think of any good names. :P So I was wondering if a great blogger like you could think of some ideas. I was thinking of something like Dark Diviner or Rainy wiz. It'd be great if you could give me some ideas, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ravenwood radio was a month ago

you realize you are losing alot of readers

Stingite said...

@Tor: ha! nice face. :)

@Joshua: velvet pants!

@Jacob: Cool. Let me know your blog's URL when you get it all set up. Find a way to stand out! I think you're on the right track.

@anon: what? It was only a couple weeks ago. Time does go fast though. I realized I would be losing a lot of readers when I made my announcement back in April:

You never know when things might change around here though. :)