Friday, July 8, 2011

Fairy wings! You're a butterfly in the sky!

Just found out on Twitter (and the Wizard101 Patcher) that you can now buy Fairy wings in the crowns shop! This item was requested as a mount a long time ago by fans, and it's finally here! I imagine a few of the "gals" out there are flippin' out! If I could wear my fairy wings while riding on my unicorn and go twice as fast, THEN I might be more excited. ;-) But that's just me.

Myrna has been riding on a cheap old broom for a long time, so . . . I decided what the hey! It's time for an upgrade for Myrna! Amber hasn't really had anything new on her character for a while either, so we sprung to give the "girls" a make over with new butterfly wings! Check 'em out!

WOOT! That there deserves a random butterfly-in-the-sky Youtube for awesomeness sake.

HAHA! That guy is freaking AWESOME! He would wear butterfly wings in Wizard101 for sure!

Anyway, I love the little side-to-side air dance/resting animation your character does while wearing fairy wings. Heck, in general I'd love new dances options for our characters. I like the fairy wings, don't get me wrong, but I'd even be happier to pay crowns for a new dance move. Know what I'm sayin? Maybe not 15,000 crowns for new dances moves, but still . . .

Happy dueling!


M.W.S said...

Haha they look awesome.... Check this out:!/MalornWS/status/89384759171616768

Alejandro&Wolf said...

I love those wings! Depending on how much crowns I get today, I might buy them. The 7 day sounds pretty worth it. But 7500 crowns. More than I get in a month.

Anonymous said...


Elijah Stormheart said...

That video blew up my brain. Way to go, Friendly!

Evan Shadow & Noah WinterMask said...

Hey friendly! I'm commenting again- I'm the lvl 39 in DS who wanted to know if he was too low level! (Evan Shadow, lvl 60 now). Ive also got Noah WinterMask, who is lvl 48 on rebirth quest in crystal grove. Now anyways, since Noah is life, I was thinking about getting some "dandy" ;-) fairy wings for him. The problem is, I've run out of crowns! I was sad to see they were crowns only (including rental) and Zeke doesn't sell them. Oh well. Also, where did Myrna get school graphic PIRATE gear! That would be EPIC if there was a life one! I already have Elegant school graphic, but who cares if there is PIRATE ones!
Happy Dueling! (To you too)

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

ooooooh nice! im gonna need to get a pair of those! they would totally match my stiched princess legend clothes! :Dk

Anonymous said...

Did you know they updated the prizes for the free games sight. I played and won several week mount, a galtic hammer, and a fog unicorn. It says it takes over a week to hatch, is it a glitch?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh friendly lol. I was reading your post with a totally straight face, as I normally read your post, and then I saw the video. As I usually do, I put my headphones on and clicked play. And then I burst out laughing lol. Who is that guy? He's HILARIOUS!!! :P

John Galt

Stingite said...

@MWS: yeah those KI free games codes are great!

@Alejandro: yeah, kinda spendy. Hope you liked your wings!

@Elijah: boom!

@Evan: Myrna is wearing stitched Old School Crowns gear. :)

@Ashley: Hope it looks great!

@anon: yup! pretty nice, right?

@anonx2: That is a guy who goes by the name Artie on Youtube: