Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prepping for Ravenwood Ball 2!

Are you guys getting psyched for the Ravenwood Ball? Most everyone has heard of this already, but in case you haven't: click! Fallon Shadowblade from Diary of a Wizard is hosting her two-year anniversary event! You can find more details on the link above, and you should definitely RSVP for the event on her website . . . but here's the basic details:

Time: June 25, 2011 from 6pm to 8pm
Location: Ravenwood - Vampire Realm/Area 1

Once that location starts massively overflowing, the party is going to filter out to different Massive Fantasy Palaces. A number of people are going to be hosting parties at their palaces to support the event. Check out this Youtube from Jacob Legendheart:

I'm telling you, last year this event was HUGE and a ton of fun. Bailey and I will definitely be there. It's the party to be at.

We've been trying to coordinate our outfits . . . mine's getting there but still needs some tweaking. ;-)

It's all about the robe--boots and hat subject to change. :)

So who all reading this blog post is going to be attending / hosting at the event? Let me know in the comments below!

See you there!

Happy Dueling!


Edward Lifegem said...

Nice Outfit! I can't wait until the Ravenwood Ball- 10 long days! Oh well, At least I will see ya there!


Lol. Cool outfit! I agree with Edward, can't wait! Plus i can finally meet you in game!


Destiny Dragonrider said...

I will DEFINITELY be there! I missed it last year :( and can't wait for June 25th!! My pyromancer just hit level 50 (YAY!) so I have another reason to celebrate. Now I just need to find an amazing outfit . . .

Joshua ShadowBlade said...

I'll be there. Finding a good outfit is hard, but I'll probably go with Centurion Armor or my new Dragon Rider gear. I still haven't gotten the bone dragon though...

The Prince of Myth said...

I can't wait for it too. Finally I will be able to repair all of the damage I caused last year by removing everyone. I will be on Morgrim Battlegem, Legendary Conjurer.

Diana Wildheart said...

Nice cute outfit! I will use my life wiz Diana Wildheart to be there. My first time! :) Can't wait to meet you all at party. Cya later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Friendly. :) Thanks for posting the invite video. I'm procrastinating on my outfit. Yours is awesome. Cya at the party!

Tara Darkgem said...

ill be there too :D wearing the best costume ever! (if i can find one by that time) so yah ill be there :P

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

WOOT! Can't wait for it!!! XD So like I am also hosting but I will probobly have one of my other wiz take over the house for a few while I go to Fallons house XD

Richard Shadowstaff said...

If I'd get to meet you, I will SOO be there!!

Fin and Quinn said...

I think I will go as Ninja Quinn lol...if I can make it, still don't know if my vacation will prevent me from going :(


Garrett HawkFlame said...

Hey Freindly, Nice outfit! I might go, hope to see y'all there!

P.S- I saw you like 45 minutes ago in the pet pavillion in Wu realm! You might not have seen me, but I was Garrett HawFlame. I wasn't stocking you so please don't think that xD

Evan LionTamer said...

If I can I will totally come! I missed it last year (was'nt even playing then) TFN, if you can, look for Evan Liontamer (me!) I would love to meet you, as I am a huge fan of your blog.
Se onr sverdar sitja hvass! (Eragon reference, anyone?)
Evan Liontamer

Anonymous said...

Can anybody attend?

Anonymous said...

hello i am hoping me and my brothers meet you unfortunatly only one of us can be on at a time so look for

destiny iceflame
christopher hawkshard
carlos crowhammer
alex pixiepetel
nathan iceflame

and ig ya want to meet our mom her name in ellie sunheart and she is a storm

Mike said...

I am planing to come. I missed last year so i really want to make it this year :D

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be attending.
Hope I see you there, and
Btw, my character is called Andrew Griffenforge, and I am legendary balance.

Andrew Griffenforge said...

Can't wait to go, and thanks for telling me.
Btw, I will keep and eye out for you. I am legendary balance with red and gold clothes. I have dragon wings on so it might be easier to identify me.
Well, see you there!

The Sorcerer said...

Definitely will be there considering i missed it last year. Can't wait!

t minus 5

Wolf S.

Morgan BearGiver said...

If you need help on your outfit, i got and idea you might like:

wear a death theamed outfit since your death, get a wicked looking staff and if you have Dark Crow use that as your pet. Ya it might take awhile to get but, whatever! you can spend time earing the tickets and money at night if this is really inportant to you and exciting to you also.

But sadly, i would go, but i probally cant. But my main only has menu. And i have another account that is text so i am always on both at the same time, but i just dont feel like saying at the whole intire partY: "NO! THAT IS NOT MY FRIEND, it is my other account." and also explaining why i have a char with the same name, and also my internet thingy that has the internet broke some how, so we might not get it till then. But i do have $30 so maybe i can use a 10 dollar gift card for chat and 20 for whatever, but idk if i am going. there is probally a slim slim chance i will be there :( :(
but hopefully sydney deathspear, my death, can get a jazzy outfit or something cool and a neat pet, hmm......

flash333 said...

I'll try to come.
I didn't attend last year's ball, but hopefully I can now.
If you see a wizard named Seth Shadowcloud, that's me.
Hope to see you there.