Friday, April 8, 2011

Moonlight Pony Winners!

Ok, after averting a family fist fight over who the winners should be, we've come to a consensus. SHEESH! (That Amber has a wicked left hook. ;))

Here are our winners, CONGRATZ!


Nora Sandwhisper's Wolfbat

Alric Ravensinger's Cuckatrice

Destiny Dragonblade's Manderzilla

Chris Greensong's Friendly Satyr (you know, I always wanted a friendly necromancer pet in the game . . . so what if it has goat legs and a pan flute? Sign me up KI!)

Jasmine LotusSong's Panthix

Sean Giantbright's Sea Lion

Delaney Thundertalon's Tigon

Blaze Duskcrafter's Scorp-battle

Taylor Goldenrider's Tigeryphon

Justin Crowcaller's Unicat

Kelly FrostFlame's Bulliger!

Let's give your top ten a round of applause!!!! /clap clap


Since we're such softies, and we have a few 2,500 emergency crown codes lining our coffers that we're going to give away to our picks for runner up!

Nicole Dragonblood's Angel Hound

Hunter Darkthorn's Grim Unicorn

Megan Unicornheart's Angelica: elf, horse, eagle, angel.

Esmee Duskthief's Hippocampi

Amber DragonRider's Unigon

Irma's Sacred Cow Pet

Valkoor Moonglade's Hydrion

Nora WinterBreeze's Wintermare

Let's hear another round of applause for our runner's up!!


Now . . . here are the winners of the random drawing:
- Evan Shadowsong
- Kenneth Silversword
- Stephanie Frostwielder
- Autumn SkyRider
- Jenn



OHHH, and one more thing . . . now, Kyle our son has a tender heart and just likes what he likes. These pictures won all our hearts because they were chosen by a very special person to us. They may not have been our first choices, but they were Kyle's ONLY choices. He pretty much refused to use our grading system and just pointed out these two pictures in particular as his favorites. So, I'd say these are personally possibly the two most special pictures we received. We're going to find a way to get these two a pony as well.

Patrick IceDreamer's ice robot

David's flower pet

Thank you so much for your awesome pictures! Like I said before, if we could have given everyone a prize, we would have. You've inspired us, and I'll probably end up making a Youtube from many of the entries we received. There was something uniquely awesome about each of them! You guys rock!

Happy dueling!


Kevin BattleBlood said...

Congrats, Winners!!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! I'd love to be able to see everyone's. Yes a youtube video is a must!! Congrats everyone job well done :D

Mother MistShard said...

What great artwork! Glade it was not me having to pick. Kyle I am with you that flower pet rocks. You guys all did a great job and congrats to all the winners.

AutumnalDusk said...

Gratz, wizards! Great artistic vision, all of you!

Morgan BearGiver said...

OH GOD! I FORGOT!! NOO! *slaps head in frustration* GOD how could i?!

But good job for the people who won. i thought they were amazing! ;)

Anonymous said...


not all of us have crowns you know

P.D. (Luke GoldHorn) said...

AMAZING ENTRIES! Wow, not only is this community great, but we also have GREAT artists! I really wish I could be as good as all of those drawings up there! Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy those Moonlight Ponies; you've certainly earned it!

Tipa said...

You have some pretty fantastic artists here.

Paige MoonShade said...

Those are all Amazing!! Congrats to all the winners. :)


Wow, that is some really good artwork. Congrats winners, you deserve it. I don't have a scanner so I couldn't send in a entry. GO KYLE!! Robots and flowers totally rock! Great work everybody!


Mr. Solodolo said...

*sigh* oh well I:......congrats to all the winners, you guys did great. I guess Ice Strider wasn't good enough i:...i put it on my profile pic so i could at least show it to people :P

Anonymous said...

oh well

i guess not everyone can be winners :P

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or was that 11 in the top 10?

Alicia said...

I can't believe it....

Well Congratz to all the winners. They were all great ;)

Wiz101 Pet Master said...

I don't WIN :*(

Doesn't matter, Congrats to all who entered, and a special congrats to all that won.

Haley Earthcloud said...


KillerGeneral said...

dang the drawing are great but when i looked for the contest it said to check back tomorrow for the contest i checked back and the contest was over i really wanted one of those mounts like really really really really bad but the drawing are great i just hope kingsisle puts the moonlight pony on crown shop because i really wanted one :(

Anonymous said...

o_o wow my art just got pwned XD!!! you guys did FANTASTIC!! i was in awe at the talent!! you guys deserve the mounts ;) enjoy them heheh

Fallon Ravenshade said...

poor pixiephant wasnt good enough

Stingite said...

You all did great! honestly, it was not an easy contest to judge.

Re anon: you did in fact count 11 in the top 10 . . . we decided to g
give up a couple ponies that were meant just for us. It's ok, we wanted to be as generous as possible.

There's always another contest around the corner somewhere in the spiral!

Keep at it.

HAPPY dueling.

Anonymous said...

Gratz to all the winners!
Although, I must say, I was VERY suprised at some of the choices in second place. Anyways, gratz to te winners.

The Fanatical Sorcerer said...

Personally, i loved the scorpbattle, the tigeryphoon and the hippocamp, cause the style of drawing is the one i just cant get right. dang.

- Jasmine Thunderleaf

James SoulSinger said...

yes! make a video! i want to see all the other peoples drawings! oh and when you do, do you mind if you could squeeze in a picture of my art?

James Soulsinger

Patrick said...

I wonder what place my fiery skeleton came in...

John LegendMancer said...

Aw, i didn't win... XD
But that's OK! cuz' i already win a black stallion from the 'wizard101 addict' !

Congrats to all the winners! :D
~John LegendMancer

Anonymous said...

love the wolfbat looks totally beast!

Anonymous said...

Congratz everyone! You all did great :)

...Some of these designs remind me not just a little of Pokemon. lol

Snowflake960 said...

Congrats winners! Congrats Amber and Chris in particular! Mah buddies! =D

The Wolfbat is ADORABLE!

James said...

the wolfbat is a ripoff of the adventure quest worlds "Winged Wolf"

Victoria Dragonsong said...

I love these pictures! Congrats to the winners. Hey Friendly, is it possible to submit these to KI for future ideas?

Anonymous said...

i thought there were 15 mounts to give out so why was there only ten winners. i bet you and your family got one and gave one to a friend. and i dont think thats fair.

Stingite said...

@anon: *sigh* Let me do the math for you ... We gave out 11 mounts for the winners. We gave out 5 mounts randomly out of all those who entered. We gave out 2 more for Kyle's picks for a total of 18 mounts. Plus we gave out crowns ontop of all that. In other words, we went ABOVE and beyond.

Anonymous said...

wow the first one's awesome... Why doesn't lowe spring field sell anything?

Joshua ShadowBlade said...

omg the wolf bat was awesome and so cute and the hippocampi... well they had to be a freak artist to draw something that good. They were definitely my favorites!