Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wintertusk is on the Test Realm

The news broke quite quickly over Twitter yesterday as all the fansites raced online to let everyone know that Wintertusk was upon us. Earlier in the day J Todd Coleman had announced on his Facebook page that Wintertusk was coming soon, but none of us had any idea how soon!

You can read all about Wintertusk in the most recent update notes. You'll want to go through those notes carefully because I think you'll find a lot of interesting stuff in there as well, like, oh, I don't know . . . Death wizards can now use enhancement spells like Gargantuan on their life drain spells . . . little stuff like that. (*insert small freak out*)

OH! And I owe KI something . . . here . . .

Thank you for listening!

Go find those bugs!

Happy Dueling!


AutumnalDusk said...

We miss you.

cactusflinthead said...

Make the colors stop! If it wasn't for the grunting and the sound of their collapsing armor I would have never known that I was fighting skeletal pirates. The giant butterflies in commons and the blackhole in Ravenwood were a nuisance or amusing, but this genuinely interferes with gameplay.
And where is everybody? Invisible, quest NPCs, every single one. I kinda sorta got a glimpse of Grandmother Raven inside some glowing sphere.
Bug reports galore.

Evan LionTamer said...

cactusflinthead, you are so right. my bff victoria on wizard101 (i live far away from her in real life) is getting a huge headache from all the colors. i dont like it. ki, help us!

your sad friend,
Evan LionTamer

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the update news says that spell animations derived from another spell will now be made unique! Friendly, you should try ought your dark crow on the test realm, and see if they've added an original animation!

-Natalie Lotusthief

Patrick said...

Yay, another post by Friendly!

Matthew said...

haha! I thought of you as soon as I read that part of the patch notes. I was wondering if you were gonna mention anything about it.