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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Triton Avenue goes crazy!

Kyle and Bailey were playing on alts yesterday when they ran into something very odd in Triton Avenue.

A big stretchy wall up by Blad! Then, to make things even stranger, the Kraken somehow broke free of its island and was roaming the streets!

Whatever this bug or glitch was soon ended, and Triton Avenue went back to normal. I ran there after work to see if I could witness the glitch firsthand but it was gone. SO DISAPPOINTED! Oh well, I guess it's good things are back to normal.

Anybody else out there see this happen?

Happy Dueling!


Tara Lightcaller said...

oh I wish I could have seen it!
not fair :(

M.W.S said...

That is so awesome thanks for posting TFN...

Kelsey Silvercloud said...

lol nice, i've never seen those before.

tink1768 said...

dude that is sick!!! the only glith i have ever seen that i can remember is that there is a clockwork golem in the life house. i think there still is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan said...

they should have kept it