Monday, August 22, 2016

How do I Log into a Second Wizard101 Account?

Hello all,

I have a great question from Elizabeth. She asks this:

"how do you log into your second wizard 101 account."

Great question, and it's really quite simple. There are actually two parts to running Wizard101. You first run the "game launcher," which is the little window showing RavenWood News and has a place to log in.

This is the game launcher

When the bars have finished loading, you press the red "Play!" button, and this closes the launcher and opens the actual Wizard101 program. (You know, where you see your wizards sitting at their desks.)

If you try to run two Wizard101 Game Launchers at the same time, you'll get the message "Wizard101 is already running on your computer" and it won't let you start. So what you need to do is let the Game Launcher complete, close, and bring up the actual Wizard101 program, and then you can run the Game Launcher again!

This time you'll enter your second account information into the Game Launcher and wait for it to load.

I actually own about five or six accounts myself and occasionally (although it is rare these days) will set the game resolution down to 800x600 and run four accounts at once using this method.

Thanks for the question and have fun!

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