Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What's that Beanie Hat in Wizard101?

Hey all!

I just got a question from sir "big goof"!

"Do you know what the beanie is called from christmas? ive been looking for the name everywhere and just cant find it."

I do!  Um, or at least I think I do. Those beanies come from the Winterland Pack and are the hairstyles (which you can stitch to hats) known as The Fakie Ollie and The Halfpipe.

OH YEAH!  I kind of dig that look while riding the Road Warrior's Chopper!  Although some kind of snowboard mount would be amazing.

Great choice of hat there.  Probably Christmas in July is what recently brought these hats to your attention, amiright? They're a pretty great looking for sure.

Thanks for the question, Big Goof!  If that isn't the hat you're looking for, leave me a comment with more description, and I'll see if I can track it down.

Happy Dueling

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Ya they are called halfpipe. I got one as a day 15 reward from the Daily assignment chest a week back :)