Monday, August 26, 2013

. . . and then Summer Ended

It seems as though the Summer just began, but alas . . . all good things must come to an end. For me, today marks the last day I'll be able to have a noise-free morning with no dad responsibilities. Sigh, and what have I done with my awesome spare morning time?

Well, for one, I've played a lot of video games, paid bills, planned for the future, meditated, read, and basically enjoyed the silence. When it's time to go to work, it's a quick peck on the sleeping Uber Wife's lips, and I'm off to be One-Eyed Jack for the day!

Tomorrow, things will be much different around here. I'll be annoying the children awake, making breakfasts, inspiring "the putting on of the socks and the shoes," and basically doing all I can to kick people out of the house so they can make it to school on time. You know, dad stuff. It's cool. I'm totally up for it, and to be honest, I enjoy the annoying people awake . . . especially my middle son. Yes, I'm evil like that, but hey, someone has to be the destroyer of dreams and sleep . . . .


That's right, I slogged my way past all the dungeon after dungeon after dungeon in Marleybone, and it looks like Rooke is going to be next on the agenda.

Pedro always runs with a bit of an unconventional crew, but I went semi-standard for my fight with Bishop . . . obviously steering away from the Witchdoctor companions, who are just death magnets when it comes to this encounter.

As you can see from that picture it was Gracie Conrad, El Toro, and Wu Ro (my horse crossbowman--I love his crit moves). When I took Thomas through this instance, he mainly just buffed, took down the adds, played healer, and placed a couple well-timed self-sacrificial mojo blade spells. Ahhh, Witch Hunter/retribution . . . it's awesome to see how forgotten those epics are and what a surprise it is when they suddenly become important in the game again. The Designers are evil like that, but hey, someone has to be the destroyer of dreams and sleep . . . sleepy gamers!

Pedro, of course, was played in much the same way . . . buffing, healing, and quite a few heavy artillery powers, sneak attacks, and mighty charges.

Good times.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Henchmen on the Test Realm!

Happy Dueling!


Tara Darkgem said...

Yes! Every time summer ends a little part of me dies..... Oh well, school isn't all that bad though junior year can be tough

Anne Radcliffe said...

How did you get quiet summer mornings with kids around? I would always sing my kids awake when they were younger, but they won't let me do that now (sigh). But it was fascinating to see Rooke clobber my privateer when she used her mojo blade. I had to keep doing it (also for the damage, so a little self sacrifice was worth it).

Stingite said...

@Tara: I used to say that I loved High School and that I'd gladly go back and re-live the experience . . . and then all my old school mates became my friends on Facebook -- I've changed my mind.

Anne: Oh my goodness, Anne! Nice to see you around here. Mornings start quite early around here, and I'm the only one who's awake. hehe.