Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whoshu be the Savior of Mooshu?

There's a nice sidequest chain at the end of Mooshu where you unravel a hostile take over plot from Moo Manchu that (if you also promote your starter companion to their final tier) will net you a really cool celestial dragon pet. I'd say this one should be on everyone's list of "must see" sidequests from Pirate101 for the Level 50 players.

For one, the pet is just awesome looking, right?

For two, YMMV, but that final promotion of Kan Po is just a thing of beauty. I feel I chose his epics wisely and he's just walking death now.

Silly mobs! Don't get caught between my Shiruku Neko and Kan Po! (Shiruku's line of quests is another on all the cool kids' "don't miss" lists btw.)

For three, that final Moo Manchu instance is a couple of really cool fights! You have to bash your way through a metric ton of invincible terracotta warriors to get it on and bang a gong.

Your fears are correct in that they do come fully equipped with cheap shot . . . it's a bit like running past these guys . . .

. . . ya gonna' get hurt fools! (Luckily the final promotion of Kan Po comes with Hide in Shadows, so it ain't no thang. Walk in Shadows > Cheap Shot!)

Once you hit the gong with your McHammer, you can then "touch this," and bust those Terracotta Warrior to pieces.

The second fight with Moo Manchu is pretty straight forward, Rush him and destroy the cowman of evilness. SURE, he's surrounded by eight or so mobs and you sometimes only get two companions . . . pfft . . . by this point in the game, I'm betting you know exactly how to get to a boss and take him out quick (and by some miracle Moo Manchu's minions DON'T have cheap shot . . . go figure).

Those extra mobs just mean extra loot. :)

And what do you get at the end? A chance at some cool stuff that Cret92 points out over on Pirate101 Central. (I kinda want that Terracotta Warrior summon.) And also, this really cool Desktop background shot!

Really love the look of this area. It's like the anti-look of the Emperor of MooShu's palace in Wizard101 to me.

Hope you guys enjoy this quest line as much as I do!

Happy dueling


Anonymous said...

That fight almost killed me, but it was definitely well worth it, cause I love the pet.

flash33 said...

Actually, in both fights in the tomb of kow cheng, you can either have 2 or 3 companions join you in the fight. A good strategy for the terracotta warrior fight there is that if you can summon different minions, then do so and hope that the enemies use their reduce accuracy powers on them (the summoned minions/pets).

Stingite said...

@flash33: thanks! I added the word "sometimes" in there. Nice tip about summons taking the reduce accuracy power!