Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Nautical Farming spot . . . EVAR!

BTW . . . I just want to give a big props to Paige Moonshade for showing me this Nautical Level farming spot. It's pure genius.

Yup! Right there in Subata Skyway to the side of the Temple of the South Wind dock--there's this wonderful, solo level 47-49 ship just floating out all by itself with easy access to a nearby skyway, and if you're sinking ships too fast? Why all you have to do is just cross the stream and hit the other solo ship across the way. (Just watch out for the wandering mobs)

Sigh. I gotta admit, I kind of feel like a spoil sport right now for sharing this secret "fishing spot" that I farmed many many times . . . BUT WHO AM I KIDDING THIS IS AN MMO! GO FORTH AND FARM! (Everybody probably already knows about it anyway LOL)

Thanks, Paige! This *slow clap* is from me to you!

Happy dueling!

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Paige MoonShade said...

Oh my word! I just saw this. :D