Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ding 83! Crazy Monquistans Invade Azteca!

Uber Wife and I had some more time over the holidays here to finally play a bit more of Azteca, enough that we're now level 83! WOOT!

I've been back to Central's wiki this morning reading a bit to try to catch myself up on the storyline because we've been going a bit fast, and I feel like I might have missed some parts of the story. To add to the confusion, right as we logged off a couple days ago, we somehow got disconnected and distracted in the main quest line by a ton of side quests. Thank you wiki admins! You've helped keep us on track. :) They do a great job, don't they?

Anyway, the Aztecasaurs have been keeping us incredibly busy delivering war challenges, delving pyramids, and trying to decipher exactly who's a traitor and who isn't. Most of that investigation has to do with roughing up the locals and rustling some feathers. But after all of that, three things have become apparent from Azteca:

1- The locals love calling me a magician. *presents a spray of flowers from up my sleeve* MAGIC!

2- The locals love to tell me I fight like a cold-blooded carnivore. *shows fangs*

3- Monquistans are nuts no matter what game you're playing.

Best thing about that ship in Saltmeadow Swamp is that you can go inside it!

There are definitely plenty of cool things about this expansion so far. Besides seeing the interior of a monquistan ship (something you don't get to do in Pirate101), this snake bridge you create is really a nice touch.

That's just awesome. And the free hour-long Shadow Weaver transmute was a nice bennie!

I had to make a trip or two to the bazaar and the commons just to float around in my transformation to freak with people's minds. :)


HAHAHA! I think the Philosoraptor might just be my new favorite NPC. :)

Anyway, we're pretty much to a very pivotal point in the story (yes, I read ahead), but I'll leave a discussion of that for my next blog post. Things are about to get verrrrrry interesting here soon. Until then I just have two words to say . . .

Happy Dueling! ;)


Katherine Light said...

Not just Philosoraptor! If you go around to the other side of his log, you'll see this little guy. Sad Keanusaurus?!/WizKathLight/media/slideshow?

Duncan Daystone said...

Great...more Monquistans. I'd thought I'd ridden myself of having to interact with the pretentious blighters for a while after finding their precious magic paw in Pirate101. Then again, the name of the world is Azteca, so I should have expected as much.
Philosoraptor and Sad Keanusaurus? That is pure awesomeness :D

Ryan LifeGarden said...

Oh my gosh. When I saw the philosoraptor, I literally laughed out loud.