Sunday, September 9, 2012

Angus vs. The Labyrinth -- Ding 48

It's true! Angus bested The Labyrinth! He also dinged 48 out of the whole business as well.Woot! Stormlord here I come!

Was it easy? HECKHOUND NO! The Labyrinth alone for a regular character is a tedious experience. Any dungeon that warns you it's going to be a two-hour experience at the get-go is basically telling you to clear your schedule--this is going to be a while. Well solo on a no clothing storm wizard was . . . extremely long and, yes, painful. I think it took me a total of 3-4 hours to complete. I was sitting on the ground playing on a laptop for the entire time, and I was ready to be done by the end. MORE than ready to be done. Here's a quick breakout of how the instance played out:

I wasn't having too much difficulty at first. The Silver Sentinel went down easy, and I crossed the lava with no difficulty.

The next duel with Zora seemed likewise just as easy, which is strange. I figured her balance minion would give me more issues with shields, weakness, and traps, but my Storm minion played exactly as I wanted it to and life was easy.

Then came Andor Bristleback . . . let me tell you, he was truly a jerk to Angus. Look at him, thinking he's all super suave and stormy!

He didn't take it easy on me, and it took me four tries until I could finally overcome him. I totally felt like Ash getting rejected and made fun of by a Pokemon Connoisseusse (Burgundy is so sassy). Painful.

Since Andor is storm and he's paired with a myth minion, it's an insanely difficult fight for Angus due to the shields and damage output. He was relentless as well with his damage. What finally saved the day was a fortify treasure card played at exactly the right time after a lucky streak of pips helped me take out Andor's sidekick before he could play a storm shield. Fortify helped me withstand the relentless onslaught of storm spells from Andor until my storm minion buddy could grab agro. In essence, it was almost the fight that stopped Angus in his tracks.


Devora was a pushover (as always).

The Property master . . . made me fight him twice. A storm boss paired with a balance minion. yeesh.

The Gallium Paladin . . . made me fight him twice in two long battles. He plays defensively (like Angus) and is also paired with a myth minion, so the shields made for a battle that by the end had Angus earning 240ish experience points just for casting so many cards. LOL.

The Dean . . . made me fight him twice. I shouldn't have had as many problems with this fight as I did, but he has a surprisingly high damage output for a death boss, and at 8k hit points, it's a long fight. I can attest that his natural attack is pretty painful, and especially for a character sporting 1100 health.

It was worth it though because he dropped a Boss Banshee for me WOOT!

That'll go nicely in the shared bank!

I was so exhausted by the whole experience that I'm going to have to probably recruit uber wife's help to get back in to the instance to get the chest for Ashley's follow-on quest. I usually have someone sit in the instance and hold it open so I can finish grabbing that obsidian chest in the Dean's cell, but Angus takes too long to get things done, and I was done for the day. I'll make it happen :)

So this seems crazy, but Malistaire truly is just a couple zones away now! Will that finally be the instance Angus can't overcome? I don't know . . . Angus always seems to have a treasure card up his sleeve that makes the difference. :)

Happy dueling!


Chris DrakeFlame said...

Yo Tom! Congrats!
Planning to solo the Malistaire dungeon when it's time? ;)

MEGALUS said...

At least the bosses don't interrupt you with an evaluation time. ;P

drewsimon said...

So, you watch Pokemon Black and White/Rival Destinies, Friendly?

Blake Rainfist said...

Thats crazy! My storm wiz is level 56 now, and I crafted the wintertusk gear. Good luck with celestia XD

Alexander Hexforge said...

Your posts nearly inspire me to go au naturel... nearly...

Oh but what pain! I haven't read too many of the Angus posts, so I don't know all the rules... does this include no spritely pet? I'd assume so.

Treasure cards for such adventures become more than an enhancement of play, they become de rigueur.

Maybe you can post what your current spell selection is? I always wonder what other wizards are up to when they spend their training points, like for reshuffle, life spells, etc. etc.

ID3ABOY said...

One the first successful run of Labyrinth, I got a boss banshee, I used the second chance chest and got another boss banshee