Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Angus -- Ding 47

Angus dinged 47 this morning!

Yeah, I've been playing him again. :) Angus is currently hanging out in the Cruicible in Dragonspyre . . . still no clothes on . . . still holding a starter wand and starter deck . . . still throwing out hits like this:

Back in March I was playing Angus a lot and he got put on the shelf while I started my new job and played through Avalon. Now that we're in between projects (tons has happened btw . . . Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions Pack, Mega Pets, new PVP arenas, etc . . . jus' sayin'), and I have a little bit of time. I think I'll be playing just a touch more of Angus. (Although, GuildWars 2 is really wanting to suck away all my time like a Vampire bat spell on a mander in Krokotopia--thanks, I just came up with that one.)

Oh Dragonspyre . . . your towers are grueling--even though they were gimped a bit a couple years ago; here in 2012, Angus likes that they were gimped a bit. ;)

I still have a few nasty fights ahead of me in the Labyrinth that I'm not looking forward to, and that will definitely be the next newsworthy blog post you'll hear from me about Angus.

Wish me luck!

I'm gonna need it.

Happy dueling!


Louis Belasco said...

Good luck.

Cheats and Crackers said...


Anonymous said...

If Angus ever needs help, please don't hesitate to ask me for help....

Anonymous said...

Wow, you keep amazing me :D My storm wiz just got to CL a couple days ago, and the Waverunners in the Grotto killed me twice in a row :( I'm using gear and stuff though, and I'm waiting til lv. 56 to craft the Wintertusk gear for him :D

Tara Darkgem said...

About time :D

I was beginning to think that angus had died or something XD

Go angus! Go friendalee!

Cody said...

Congratulations, Angus! I really should try this, when I get my subscription back! Cody UnicornPants, here he comes! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Guild Wars 2, like an addiction (Yes I totally know what you mean :P)

Anonymous said...

By the way the Mega pets idea was mine i posted it on the forum, but for some reason i never saw go on the message boards and then a few days later there were Mega pets i said two ideas "There should be a new Level for pets either one should be Beast or one should be Mega, and i came up with the experience being 2000. I posted it on the the forum and had everything planned out and i never got an update that it was posted but its just convenient that a few days later that they came in test realm. i also sent some more ideas about the level 88 spell cards as in:
Scorpion man for Balance one hit attack, Headless Horsemen for Death one hit attack, Harpies for Myth one hit attack i didn't say any added effects because i didn't want anyone to think i rigged it, Hurricane or Tsunami for Storm all around attack, For tsunami it will do not sure if they will submit it or not but i said the tsunami could do up to three hits in a row since thats what they do(I couldn't decide which would be best i let KI decide that), Ice Dragon for Ice Not sure whether or not KI will add over time for it because I didn't say anything about that cards effects, Glyptodont for Life all around attack would be fair since death got a New all around attack deer knight( If you don't know what it is look it up it is perfect for life), for Fire Nine Tails Fox that removed any damage over time spells to only the person who uses it, And when you cast the attack trust me its really cool. And i let KI come up with the hit points. Local gamer for wiz101 Jordan Nightrider.