Friday, July 13, 2012

Wizard101 awesomesaucish commercial part II

Don't you hate when you log on and all of a sudden you're surfing a story about chimpanzees loose in Las Vegas and a pet python escaping in Florida? And then you're like, pffft, those sound bad, but listen, I survived Zafaria! Me too.

Instead of reading that stuff, here's the new awesome commercial from Wizard101!

I love watching the two new Malistaire commercials back to back and at the same time even:

The stormlord's eyes really make me think "FUN! GET HIM!" at the end. ;)

Happy dueling!


Iri Gianthunter said...

Storm lord...the angry definitely a dramatic hit, it's pretty great...and it looks amazing in the commercial, they're doing a terrific job with those.

if they were to do another, i wonder what card they would feature? you can't go wrong with most storm hits...and i think centaur is a cool animation.

anyway. i ramble, i'm off to read news articles about chimpanzees in las vegas.

Matthew LifeFlame said...

I love the commercials, I just find it funny that the wizard who cast Storm Lord is wearing Myth clothing lol. Trying to fool Malistare I guess.

Anonymous said...

you know....Zeus is a better name than storm lord.....*GASP* THEY SHOULD MAKE A HADES DEATH SPELL O:

Tara Darkgem said...

The two are opposites :D
I like the 1st better though :p

Anonymous said...

So they've done Fire and Storm, guess the next one's gonna be Ice. Love these commercials, if only dueling was like that ingame...
~Kestrel Dragonflame