Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thomas Lionblood says, "Avalon est fini!"

Ding level 80!

As you can see from the text on the right hand side of that screenshot, I had help from a knight who said nee! (actually that's Neela Lifegiver wearing her Knight of the Silver Rose badge . . . worked out perfectly for this screenshot LOL).

The final fights with the white and black dragons to save King Artorius, who--spoiler alert--was the Pendragon, seemed like nothing compared to the awesome battle with Young Morganthe.

Thanks to the Neelas and Mother Mistshard for the hand there with the final dungeon! To convey how that happened to all of you, it was like I just casually mentioned to Ms. Mistshard that I thought I was pretty close to the end of Avalon . . . and TADA she snagged the Neelas and from that point forward I was just there for good looks. WOOT!

BTW, speaking of good looks . . .

So if you follow this guide over on Central, you should be fine in the Young Morganthe fight. If it seems overly complex, here's what we did (I guess it'd be a mix between the Krag and the Nergel methods lol)

1- We all basically loaded our decks full of five pip strength (or less) damage attacks and sun school damage boost spells and had sideboards full of melt treasure cards . . . and that's it. No blades, no traps, no shields, no nothin' but attacks and melt (oh yeah, and I had some sacrifice too . . . it seemed to work well).

2- The first few rounds all we did was load her up on Melt debuffs. Ms. Morganthe loves to spam the Wooly Mammoth spell, and she'll spam that spell for no apparent reason at all. It just seems random. /shrug. I put myself on Melt duty the rest of the fight until I ran out of Melt treasure cards. she only managed to get one Wooly Mammoth off on us before she was defeated.

3- The main thing here is that you don't allow yourself to get above an eight pip count (as in four power pips) because she'll mana burn you.

4- Bring a pet that has a blade spell, those particular blade spells seem to not trigger any cheats.


Looking back now, Avalon was a very entertaining expansion to Wizard101. I loved the mix of high fantasy and high-fantasy humor from all the Monty Python and the Holy Grail jokes in the game, but what I liked even more was how near the Crystal Caves this humor was mostly side stepped in favor of pursuing the more serious side of the plot. It gave me the long-awaited story background with Morganthe that I've been longing for. (Thank you writers!)

Art and Design in Avalon was equally impressive. The amazing cast of characters that was developed for this expansion is awesome and the new gear looks that are available to us are impressive. I think some of my new favorite zones in the game are in Avalon! The winding paths of High Road, the lower and upper sections of Caer Lyon, Cassie the Ponycorn and the Mushroom Village of the Wild, The swirling fall leaves and druid cages of The Wyrd, The Silver Rose garden and Bone Dragon protector of Dun Dara, The Knights in their hall at Abbey Road, The evil crab house of Lakeshore, the open dueling circle of The Outer Yard . . . I think you get the picture.

There's just so much to love about Avalon. I also appreciated that there weren't too many collect quests and instead many more bosses to defeat. It was a good mix.

Speaking of defeating bosses, it seems my attention is going to turn to two things . . . acquisition of Amber and Deer Knight treasure cards. I want that Deer Knight spell, and that's going to put me in farm (and garden) mode for awhile.

Happy dueling!


The Traveler said...

Grats, Tom!

MEGALUS said...

I can't stand fighting a boss every other quest. It's ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, what's up with Flevur Flave in the mysterious well in Outer Yard? Does he have a purpose? The very few collection quests were glimpses into a better pve environment that were quickly snatched away the moment you completed them. It only took a minute or two to do those quests... rather fleeting.


Congrats Man ;) Morganthe must be trembling at the thought of facing you :P


Iri Gianthunter said...

It's a shame you can't keep the owl look, you make it work.

Stingite said...


Gorman Ravenhunter/DarksteelUlamog said...

No, it's a plane! No, it's Thomas Lionblood! The most uberest necromancer in the virtual world!

Matthew LifeFlame said...

Good Luck with the Amber and Deer Knight Spell! I know it can be a hassle but it feels so awesome to finally craft it and cast it for the first time! Such a cool spell! And, of course, Congrats on finishing Avalon :)

Evan Shadow said...

Well it beats Zafarian collects.

Ryan LifeGarden said...

I've noticed that I've collected a lot of information in Avalon. Also, with young Morganthe, I've never had any trouble with heals or blades.