Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ding 78 . . . What's up Bone Daddy?

Lonely was not the night last night when Squire Billy decided I was worthy of his seeds of awesomeness.

Holy Grapes of Wrath and Baby Carrots, I'm now level 78! WOOT!

This was definitely on par with when Gwendolyn knighted me and passed along the Knight of the Wyrd badge.

Apparently Mr. Lincoln was not as impressed as I was. Hmmph!

I thought my level 77 journey was pretty epic actually. I gathered together all the Knights (even those who say Neee) and restored shrubbery to its proper glory all over Avalon. What? It's an incredibly fitting task for Queen Gwendolyn's Knights of the Silver Rose. Gwendolyn even put my necromancy to good use and had me construct a Bone Dragon to protect her kingdom. Good times!

I enjoyed constructing a Bone Dragon for Gwendolyn so much that I got one of my own!

Thanks Dworgyn! You're welcome Thomas Lionblood! (that's me talking to myself since, you know, my character I chose to represent at KingsIsle for Wizard101 is Dworgyn and all . . .)

Now I just need to find a way to get some amber to get my Deer Knight spell (don't laugh) and do a few level 78 hybrid combinations . . . would be cool to snag a Mist Triton or an Oblivion Chimera, right?

My duel with the Pendragon grows closer and closer, friends!

Happy dueling!


Katherine Light said...

More importantly... do you really still have quests to do in Savarstaad Pass? [shakes head] Oh, Friendly, what are we going to do with you?

Stingite said...

:) Side quests . . . I'll, um, get to them some day. YEAH!

Sierra Starsong said...

On the hatching front, I have an adult Wyvern & Mammoth if you or Bailey want to try for Ice hybrids some time.

Tara Darkgem said...

Niceness on leveling friendly ;D
OH btw, awesomesauce bailey hatched her krokotillian pet with me, a pet i have been trying to get since it was called osiris papyrus, and I GOT IT so please tell her thanks for me again XD!!

Conner Dragoneye said...

hey friendly I figured i'd throw my name in the hat when you throw down with Morganthe an the Pen Dragon, we follow each other on twitter. keep up the good work man see you in the spiral