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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ding 76 . . . um, hi!

So . . . like . . . hey! What have you people been doing? Um . . . me? I've been working and stuff and stuff. I've been all busy, but I think you guys get that by now. Working at KingsIsle has meant longer work days for me. Longer, more fulfilling work days, but longer days nonetheless. :)

But with all that work being done, I did manage to eek out some Wizard101 play time this morning! If I was to title today's adventures it would be "the attack on the blasted 5 Scurvy Skirkers!"

What are Scurvy Skirkers? Well besides being a part of Welsh mythology, they're these "meaner than lemons" fluff balls:

My Frankenstein will defeat them all, Cassie the Ponycorn!

You know, I had no idea what Cassie the Ponycorn was a parody of. Have you guys checked out Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure? That's pure father-daughter genius right there!

All this ponycorn magic finally dinged me 76th level. hooray!

I think it may be time for me to try and finish up my Avalon adventures now. What can I say, I've been playing a lot of some *other* game. It's kind of my job now. :)

Happy dueling!


The Traveler said...

Hello yourself! Great to hear from you, Tom!

Louis said...

Can you do some stuff on Pirate101 please? Kingsisle seem to be taking ages and ages to release the Closed Beta. I expected it to be released in May.


lol I hope your liking your new job lol, I know I would :P Nice to see you post again :D.


Mythstone said...

Am I the only one who noticed Friendly's mount in the lat picture? What mount is that?

Sierra Starsong said...

@Mythstone - That's an Ostrich mount, complete with old-time aviator helmet and combat boots. They were in the Crown shop just before Zafaria came out, if I remember right.

re: Cassie the Ponycorn - Better than lemons!

Joshua Lionbane said...

oh, lol i got to level 80 and got the 3 seater hydra mount......on my second try at the pack XD

Ryan LifeGarden said...

Lol, come to think of it, I'd played that game but I didn't notice a thing when I went over to Cassie. Good job pointing it out, ty!

Mythstone said...

@Sierra Starsong- Oh, I couldn't see that because Friendly's wizard was blocking the ostrich head. Thanks.

Vanessa said...

I'm still at level 73! I think you're making good progress for someone who just got a new job and moved. :)

MEGALUS said...

About that whole busy problem of yours, do you still get time to play on Team Spode or is admitting your addiction to another company's game tabooed in the gaming industry?

Olyphant said...

Have you been leveling up Angus Unicornpants lately?

I'm very glad to hear from you again, and hope that you enjoyed the change.

Anonymous said...

Yes I heard of sissy's magical ponycorn adventure. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!