Monday, June 25, 2012

The Commercial of Awesomesauceishness

I absolutely love the feedback KingsIsle has been getting on this commercial. :) At work I was hearing that this really epic CGI commercial was being made. I kind of thought to myself, hmm, "They've done that before haven't they?" (Yes, I still sometimes refer to KingsIsle as "they" even though I'm part of the "we" now.) The Zafaria commercial had some wicked CGI stuff going on, right?

Then I saw the commercial in Fred Howard's office . . . OH MY! I could watch that 50 times and still love it each time, and I personally agree . . . I'd love it if the game actually looked like that! (I might need to upgrade my computer to run it, but dang! So worth it! LOL)

Happy Dueling!


Tara Darkgem said...

Yes I totally agree!! I watched it over and over because it was so addicting!! :p and if the game really did work like this....Wow o:

Anonymous said...

This video is amazing but is COMPLETELY misleading. My best friend saw it and joined, but then he saw the real graphics and quit.

AutumnalDusk said...


'Nuff said.

MagusConjurer said...

I've seen it a few times on TV lately... and I completely agree.
That would be one amazing looking game!
Of course, my computer can barely handle the graphics it has now :P

The Strong Sorcerer said...

Wait, how is an ice wizard casting a fire dragon?

Evan Shadow said...

The FIRE wizard may be getting ready for PvP, so stitches gear to mislead characters (as well as most of us) into thinking they're fire. So basically I think it's a treasure card w/mastery, or stitched gear.

Joshua Lionbane said...

am i the only one wondering why nolan stormgate and mindy pixiecrown are battling malistaire?