Saturday, January 9, 2021

CR 328 -- DC Universe Online Turns 10

Well well well . . . I guess I'm really not surprised at all to tell you that DCUO has turned 10 years old. It's always been a pretty great game with some fun innovations. It keeps rocking out the updates year over year, and it makes a ton of money . . . so, again, no surprises.

Possibly the most surprising thing here is that I'm "once again" playing during this anniversary! WHAT?! Yeah, I truly thought I would never set foot inside this game again. I was sooooo done, but the lure of hanging with Team Spode again was too great. Here I am, CR 328. Wild.

Anyway, the 10th Anniversary looks to be pretty epic. All month long, DCUO will be hosting the "Attack of the Anti-monitor" event which includes:

- Giant 3-headed dog licks!

- Glowy balls of paradox demons!

- Oracle herself telepresence bot! (less exciting, but I'll take it)

- A new event raid with a big cute chonky boi!

- Ten Tickles!

Even better, it really really REALLY sounds like you should log on to the game on January 11th itself because there's going to be a goodie pack on the anniversary day itself. Can't miss that!


I just want an updated piece of anniversary day cake to throw around, really. I'm a simple man with simple needs, but if they wanna drop a new texture pack and a bunch of awesome stuff on me, I'll take it. To be honest, what I've really been getting with this anniversary event so far is feat points! Love me some feat points.

Here's to you, DCUO!  You've provided me with a lot of entertainment over the years.  It's good to be back playing with Team Spode as you turn 10.

Happy Dueling!


Unknown said...

We're happy to have you back Sting! It's always fun to do our weekly hour or so of play together. I think 8 years or so we've been playing DCUO?

Stingite said...

The earliest post I have about DCUO is over on another old blog of mine:

Yup . . . 8 years. Dang!

Tipa said...

That isn't Oracle... it's her telepresence bot. There was a big plot point about it a couple expansions ago. Same thing with her dad's telebot on the other side of the platform :-)

Truly great to have you back though!!!!

Stingite said...

@Tipa -- OHhhhhhhhhh. Yup. Missed that LOL