Monday, January 11, 2021

. . . and now . . . Rhythm Heaven Fever

Ever since talking about Robeats and Rock Band the other day, I've been taking a little inventory in my head of all the Rhythm games we own, and it's a fair amount. The first one that really stood out though was a game we put a lot of mileage on back when the Wii was king.

That's right, it's Rhythm Heaven Fever TIME!!! 

Literally the only two keys you'll need to press in game. Simple.

Although this wasn't the first in the series of rhythm heaven fever games (it was actually number three in the series when counting the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS versions of the game), it is one that's lived on and been played several times over at our house. I even downloaded the music and made a mix CD of the jams for my son to listen to in the car.

Believe it or not, there's actually still a fanbase for this game, enough to support a reddit page and justify some super cute stickers on Redbubble, and supposedly a hacked version of the game with download links hidden in a "we are number one" video. Classy!

If you're unfamiliar with the game, the essence is that you'll be tapping A, B, and releasing said keys, to the beat.  That's it, but it's done in a series of rhythm games with super happy and fun music.  

For instance, the first thing you'll be doing is playing golf to the beat while two monkeys throw golf balls for you to hit out over the ocean for a hole in one. 

What water hazard? 

Before you know it, you'll be screwing on large and small robot heads in a toy factory and doing all kinds of other cute and fun tasks. After playing four different mini-games in a row, you'll open up what is called a "remix" that features a rhythm game mash up of all the previously won mini-games.

If you manage to get a "superb" rating and earn a medal in these rhythm games, you'll be opening up a whole set of other fun and challenging rhythm sub-games and features, like winding up and releasing toy cars or seeing how far you can descend down and endless game of keeping the tempo.

The biggest difference between this game and its predecessors is, however, the presence of two-player games. Head-to-head yet cooperative 2-player games are the best!

Forking supersonic peas flicked from a mile away is soooo satisfying!

This game ranks pretty high around our house. Definitely one of the top rhythm games we've played and instantly the game that comes to mind (at least to my children) when I say "rhythm game."

Happy Dueling!

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